Round 3: Zeno+angels+gods of destructions vs one above all+Living tribunal. 3 years ago. So long as it occurs in the multiverse, then LT would still take it based on your explanation, correct? A 2006 bio/story will obviously not make reference to character that no longer exist in 2006. And isn't you post merely your idea backed by nothing? They can destroy anything with their energy. The-One-Above-All is a character from Marvel Comics and the God of that universe. And for the record canon Oblivion = Infinity via cosmic hierarchy which many Marvel wanna be know it alls act like judges power. They were both retconned as being incomplete cosmic cube being later during Fantastic Four Annual. I mean you went on to say how Obvilion is superior to Living tribunal despite the fact that Obvilion is only equal to infinity, including the fact that they have fought. @ginman333: And as for the location, tbh it doesn't matter. There is no argument otherwise. No, my post is backed by everything Oblivion is; Non-existence. We are referring to a bio/story written in 2006. At this rate The Living Tribunal won't even be top 10 in Marvel anymore and that will not make LT fans happy lol. Obvilion, however, is not. Also, sorry for being an arrogant jack off lol, just tired of all these people underestimating Oblivion. Read at your own risk. (Cuz there are none.) One of the only characters (other than Squirrel Girl) who defeated Thanos (with Infinity Gauntlet) in a fair fight. That... doesn't make sense. I was. ), Beyonder (Pre-Retcon; During the og 1984 Secret Wars, Galactus begged the Beyonder to end his hunger, and yet both Galactus and Doctor Doom were swatted like flies. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, Scans about what? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I made it clear that Oblivion is more powerful than him but not higher in the cosmic hierarchy. Superhero battle match: The One-Above-All & Zeno Sama versus Rick Sanchez. You are really ignorant enough to belief that LT is beyond PR Beyonder?? Beyonder actually went through another retcon, under Illuminity story by Micheal Bendis where he was stated to be an Inhuman. THE One Above All or the celestial One above All? Because I already covered that LT was only above him in the cosmic hierarchy, which I already discussed. So it comes as no surprise that was not stated. So that has nothing whatsoever to do with power. @claymore1998: You still don’t get it do you? Within such a beyond dimensional "space", a dimensional structure with any number of dimensions can be placed, because there are no restrictions regarding dimensions. Beyonders as a race, together are more powerful than Living Tribunal. If you can destroy concepts like time, or reality why would concept of nothing be beyond such beings? You do realise they have actually fought, Obvilion and Infinity, during Quasar # 25. Secret Wars by Hickman finally caused them to have a physical appearence as BeyonderS. @phoenixthebird: abstracts and heroes to beyonder is nought to one. There is no mention of it being just cosmic hierarchy. One of the only characters (other than Squirrel Girl) to have never lost a battle yet. You clearly see both abstract fighting in the background. He rarely helps the heroes or interferes with anything, except he brought back the Earth once when it was destroyed. WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses for the following character. It only states that LT’s only superior is TOAA, once again referring to THE COSMIC HIERARCHY. Pr bayonder can probaby turn him into something else that is defeatable and then strip him out of his powers then destroy him. . And Beyonder was said to be only infinitely-dimensional. But this is not about them, we are discussing Living Tribunal vs Obvilion. The character of The One Above All was not introduced in comic book at the point of Secret Wars 1 and 2. Ohh well. Name does not give powers. I am not surprised that a 2006 story did not refer to a character that did not exist in 2006. as regarding LT, you really must have difficulty comprehending this... You must be one of those Marvel noobs who takes everything and imply it to mean another and then abide by that point and never change your reasoning. The god of destructions may be the key factor ms in this fight. It is the power of One above all and hence superior to LT. Within such a beyond dimensional "space", a dimensional structure with any number of dimensions can be placed, because there are no restrictions regarding dimensions. No questions. @necromancer76: Well, I'll just give you my top 8 most powerful Marvel beings I guess. Thanos managed to absorb all the other cosmic beings in his universe (with The Astral Regulator) to become nigh omnipotent, which simultaneously created enough imbalance in the multiverse to weaken The One Above All.