This was AMAZING! PULL: Unwrap the pork and discard the foil. Next time I will try coke! ★☆. Whether the pork will be used in making tacos or as the meat portion of New Mexican green chile stew, I just love the way the pork comes out. Excellent! Hi! Making this tomorrow night for Christmas dinner. It is exactly what i was looking for. Broil for 5-10 minutes on high heat until the meat becomes golden browned and crispy on the edges. Great recipe, thanks! I cooked it in my pressure cooker and the pork was falling apart tender and an explosion of flavor. Thank you for sharing! This is definitely a keeper! Bueno! Weird question— my family doesn’t eat pork but i used to live carnitas—do you think this could be done with chicken? This recipe couldn’t get much better…’s definitely restaurant quality. Totally on point! I made nearly 8 lbs of this for about 20 guests for our Cinco de Mayo party and it was ALL GONE. Ten hours faster than the recipe from Serious Eats (Kenji Alt López). Plastic bag, or container, with or without juice? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Only change I made was adding a jalapeno. That way you don’t have it all at once. Pour 1 ladle full (about 1 cup) of the liquid from the slow cooker over the pork to season. OKAAAAAAAY, this is the BEST carnitas recipe we’ve ever had. I added green peppers. Thanks for all the amazing recipes. Crispy Pork Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooked Pulled Pork) is SO tender and juicy on the inside, while deliciously crisp and golden on the edges! basil meatballs in thai green curry sauce, Get the latest recipes right in your inbox. Did the broil option to crisp it up. Is that ok?? My husband said it was “excellent”. The orange flavor comes through really nicely and I think the coke must be a magical addition. Cover and bake at 325 for an hour and a half. I made this as written and it was delicious. Season with a little extra salt and pepper if desired. In my opinion, it’s the sugar, real sugar for a caramelizarían. I made a cilantro cream sauce and fresh tomato and onion salsa go with it. I’m so glad you all liked it! Thanks, this is now at least a twice a month meal! Also, the meat was so juicy, it really didn’t even need the ladles of liquid. My first time making this and it came out amazing! I have to admit, it has taken me so many failed attempts and trying a huge variety of different recipes before finally setting on this one. I did read a recipe that says to cube the pork, not sure if I will be doing this or not first…. That is so great to hear! Probably favorite online recipe of all time. Sooo Good!!! The ingredient we use in this carnitas recipe is Coca Cola. This recipe was awesome. Hands down the best carnitas recipe! I added a couple of things to suit our families taste. This turned out so well. The compliments I received were amazing partly because no ingredient stood alone, it was a perfect medley of ingredients and prep was 10 minutes, slow cooked for 10 hours. Absolutely Amazing! Start to check on the temperature after the first hour, as the size and thickness of the pork will make the final cook time vary a little. After crisping on the stove, the flavor was ahhhhmazing! I have quite a bit left over and I just wondered if anyone had a good idea for a second way to use it. My family doesn’t not care for carnitas. Once all the water is gone, then you are browning the meat in its own rendered fat. My whole family raved about it. That’s sounds so good. Heat the oven to 375 degrees. I made this this past weekend and this is one of the Best recipes – I follow the instructions and use the Mexican coke. Served with corn tortillas, thinly sliced radishes, and salsa. I’m so happy to hear that Robin! Serve in Tacos, Burritos, or in a salad! Smoked, pellet grill carnitas take Mexican street food to another level. Will double next time and roast in two pans. Thank you and I’m enjoying your newsletter Since I have two grown sons quarantining with us, plus my husband, the slow cooker is too small. I will start by saying I don’t even care for pork, but this recipe made the best pork I have ever had. I used a pork tenderloin (because thats what I had) and it was great! Both ways were AMAZING. I’m hoping this will keep the meat from drying out in the freezer. In the bowl of a 6-quart slow cooker, add pork, salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, onion, garlic, lime juice, orange juice, coke, and bay leaves. The remaining meat is frozen BEFORE crisping. This recipe makes the best carnitas we have ever tasted! I’ve made this version and also using Rick’s Liquid flavor packet ‘Garlicky Carnitas Slow Cook Sauce with Lime and Chipotle’. I want to come to your next taco party! So happy to have found this! I used the oven method of crisping and added a little more liquid, but tended to skim the top to get the fattier juices. Let the roast smoke for 2 hours, and then turn up the temperature to 325°. Amazing recipe! It took a lot longer than 10 minutes to get the results I like. Great recipe! Tastes just like authentic Mexican carnitas. My house smelled incredible through the night. Just dump everything in set the time and walk away. I kept the drippings to add to soups in the future. So there’s not much traditional about my take, but it does keep your kitchen much cooler! Do you think it should be crisped on the day after of or before freezing? *. pick-and-chose………..your choice. Pulled pork coming out of our ears! Tastes just like authentic Mexican carnitas. This is a knockout every time. I couldn’t find cane sugar coke. The Mexican hot sauces like Tapatio and Cholula work great. Thanks! It will cook off during the next stage of cooking (the 30+ min at 450°). I did the stove top method of crisping. Do you think I could use pork loin (much leaner) for this recipe? Karina, can you use something else other than cola? Really good. What a winner and so authentic tasting! 1) I always sear all braised meats first: Just set to SAUTE mode, heat 2 teaspoons vegetable oil… then dry the meat pieces and season with salt and pepper. This recipe is perfect and IF I ever change anything it would be to add cayenne pepper cause when like some heat but this is seriously good, even better is how easy it is to make! Stir until it comes to a boil. Cooking for a larger party (roughly 20 people), would 6 pounds still be cooked 8-10 on low/5-6 on high? Hi what is a good substitute to pork? That is impressive! Thanks for pointing that out! My preferred method in to crisp on the stove in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil. I’ve made this recipe twice and, both times, it’s come out rave worthy. I do t have enough Time to make it that way today! Thanks for choosing one of my recipes! Your email address will not be published. It’s the “frying in it’s own lard”, uncovered the last 30 or so minutes is what makes it crispy, With pork available for 99cents a pound when on sale this is a great way to feed family and friends and still have left overs for a egg carnitas scramble. all same ingredients. I’ve used the leftover liquid as the liquid component to cook Spanish rice and it was some of the best rice I’ve ever had. I cherish my kitchen and making delicious food for others. The recipe (s) sound amazing. I just made this recipe using Venison and it worked great and tasted amazing! CRISP: Preheat a cast iron skillet or large cast iron griddle pan over medium high heat, depending on how much of the pork you want to crisp at a time. Remove pork and shred with two forks (DO NOT DISCARD THE LIQUID!). Just be sure to use the same number of pounds in the original recipe. Definitely a keeper. Giving you TWO options to get that perfect crisp finish, and PERFECT for your Cinco De Mayo parties! ★☆ Will definitely be making these again in the future. This recipe is a NO FAIL recipe, and extremely forgiving! Easy, and amazing! I made these Saturday. Also, I used a bone-in 6-7lb shoulder and it was perfect after 10hrs on low. The meat turned out crispy on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside and the sauce was amazing. My only question was that the carnitas made a LOT of liquid — more than I used to ladle when I was crisping it up. Made this recipe for fifty. You’re our favorite food blogger and recipe creator. However, I did change the recipe a little by using the spice mixture as a dry rub and smoking the meat for about 6 hours, then putting it in the slow cooker as directed. It was fantastic! Make it a few times, & perfection is revealed through patience. Yay!! The recipe is so easy! This recipe is amazing! Added a little bit of grated orange peel and cinnamon. When we pull it from the freezer, it only needs to be crisped up in the broiler or on the stove, and it’s ready. Hahahaha, silly boys… Pork butt is pretty much the exact same thing as shoulder with I believe a bit more marbling. Can you please clarify if chicken broth is needed in the slow cooker along with the lime/orange juice and coke while the pork is cooking? If you are still skeptical, I cut my pork in cubes season generously and put in a single layer on a roasting pan. You made my day Victoria! These will be a frequent meal in our house!! The result was deeply flavorful with just enough of a sauce left after I skimmed off the fat.