The elephant smelled them too. After a while, He came out of the water with a golden axe. He saw them standing quietly behind an oak tree. I am not angry with you, but I will make your master angry.” He set Aleb free. The boys ran and ran till they reached safe at the camp. body to market place…….. placed file dead hunchback there…….. soon came a! When he felt hungry, he ate a morsel of bread and a date. He wanted to dispose of dead body. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. And a voice whispered in his ear. Years rolled by. struck with a great mallet……….. thought he killed the hunchback……….. took the Soon after there came a Christian a state of intoxication. As he was doing it, the watchman came. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 2 (2013-14) Answer: One day some children found a thing shaped like a grain of com. Then the God dived into the river again and came out of the water with an axe made of silver. He had good food and drinks. Answer: Raghu and Raj were two friends and neighbours. Mr. Aggarwal gave him a big purse. Taking help from the information given below, write on ‘The First Voyage of Da’ud’. He thought that his foot made him fall down the stairs and die. Question 8: Mr. Aggarwal was a very wealthy businessman. They examined the prince. thousands of strings………. For twenty six-years Aksyonof lived as a convict in Siberia. Their fields were God’s earth. He could recognise the people by their boots. The man must be true and honest. Answer: There lived a merchant in Basra. Slowly the elephant started coming nearer and nearer. One of the elders, perhaps their leader, stood on a raised platform near me. The next day, the soldiers found the tunnel. She was ready to marry him. 1) Creative writing topics - the puppy . And now the woman with the baby laughed and they too vanished. You have to narrate the incidents in a sequential order leading to the final conclusion. the captain didn’t recognise Da’ud ……. Ultimately, the merchant presented himself before the Jinn. Mohan/Mohini decided to write a story. The old grandfather looked at the grain. His business was ruined. The Muslim steward took the dead body to the market place and placed it by the side of a shop and retired. He could walk easily and without crutches and spoke clearly. was to incite others against the master …… master was showing rams and eves to his guests……….. special praise for a ram…….. priceless……… Aleb played mischief…….. seized the left leg of the ram and snapped before the master……… The Devil was happy at Aleb’s conspiracy………… The master looked heaven wards…… “O Aleb, Aleb! The woodcutter said, “This axe is made of gold. The celebrated archer Guru Dronacharya taught the royal princes the finer points of archery. The princes were asked to stand 200 yards away and aim at their target one by one. The master was walking around his enclosure showing his guests his eves and lambs. But he had become a pauper now. Aleb pledged to make the master angry. He feared that it might interfere with his work. There was really nothing to choose between the two fools. God Mercury heard his cries. The master of the ship signalled an alarm bell. The woodcutter jumped up with joy on seeing the axe and cried, “This is mine! He took him for a thief and struck him with a great mallet. He had a lot of land and property. placed a wooden bird on a bare branch……. He decided to cross the river on horse back. offered tea……. from his talks and movements Aksyonof was sure that Makar killed the merchant……… Makar dug a tunnel……. Outline: searched for men or houses…….. completely exhausted……….. collapsed……… I woke up…….. arms and legs found tied down………. They thought of going inside the forest to explore it. became a spendthrift ………. were found under very unusual circumstances. Veeru and Karim were young Keralites. Question 6: The following week they joined the camp. They were miserable as they started depending on the labour of others. • one day a new prisoner Makar came……. The water-carrier sat on Humayun’s throne. The woodcutter explained what had happened. The woman was hungry. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. You will be given either the introductory lines or some hints given in the input or both.