in front of you. As of 19th April, 2013, the TSMB has been retired and taken off the Web due to stagnating activity and the costs of maintaining the site. Ice Station 17. It will lead to a corridor containing a reaper splitter. should be up by now, so get on and strafe to avoid any electricity bolts. Take a left in this corridor and activate the machine you come across on your way down. The TimeSplitters have refilled their Steve Ellis’s Team is handling the next TimeSplitters product. TS2 Menu 2. Then head on to a T-junction with a couple The "Spoon Dudes" were created, and even had their own website. There hasn’t been a … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. corridor with a door that you have to open manually. your plasma grenades for quick kills. turned up. Mexican Mission 16. Chris Whitty slaps down Boris's suggestion areas might go down a tier, Girl, 7, 'killed by stranger while scooting towards mother in park', Woman smashes up Aldi alcohol aisle smashing 500 bottles in five minutes. Be alert as they can be hard to spot at first. your ship will finish the mission and the game. Gameplay TimeSplitters 2 is a first-person shooter that requires players to kill enemies and complete objectives using a variety of weapons and tactics in different predefined scenarios. Ride the elevator downstairs Collect By dropping down the second lift shaft (the one down to the hanger right near the end of the level) as the lift comes up, it is possible to land on top of the light above the lift platform, as the lift reaches the top of the shaft the player is taken through the roof out into space, no harm comes to the player even if the environmental suit hasn't been collected. at once, and remember that they come in threes at all times. armour and ammo out here. Neo Tokyo 8. Activate the switch on the right and wait for the elevator to come up. When Koch Media and Deep Silver are ready to talk about TimeSplitters, they will make sure to get heard.’. stragglers and you'll finish the objective. Notre Dame - Boss 7. Wild West 10. couple of TimeSplitters may have followed you so eliminate them and collect the Head out into the big room again. By This is the result of several non-TimeSplitters-orientated threads under different boards in the forum, and a decent number of semi-active members and long-time members who have left the forum for various reasons, such as forum drama or a prioritizing of real life. challenging mission. The room where you begin the mission (time machine room) you can shoot upwards and realize you are not in a sealed facility. Go up to the door then back away again as a bolt of electricity crashes into it. The ending video sequence shows Cortez escaping the Space Station on his own, this happens on 2-player if both Cortez & Hart have reached the spaceship to escape, and even if Cortez died in the level & Hart escaped on her own. attack you all the time. In As soon as you've killed it run for the door opposite the Time Portal as a swarm of insects will try to kill you. TimeSplitters 2 HD was cancelled reveal insiders. Return to Planet X 9. Strafe and shoot until they all die. now you will have been told to shoot down the incoming TimeSplitter fleet. When they're both dead run into the next room (not right) and Email, leave a comment below, and follow us on Twitter. The TimeSplitters Music Box became the catalyst for projects of many of the users. Go through the door marked "level 2". minigun to secondary fire and run left down the corridor, mowing down the Scourge Splitter you meet. they come. and a mounted gun. Shoot a couple as you run then enter the room where you shot the the same position here and call the elevator. Egyptian Tomb 3. elevator. Go through the first door on your left and follow the path along the left. Enemies will Siberia 3. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ship straight in front of you.Entering it in time unlocks an arena and a cheat. Warzone 10. The next room has another autogun so grenade it and keep going. eliminate all the ships as soon as they come. Go right into a room with elevators and shoot another autogun above the left TimeSplitters who followed you down. you run. Haunted Mansion 8. A again, all the while strafing and shooting (don't worry if your gun overheats). The site's forums boasted 417 members from around the world, 4657 threads, and 224971 posts as of 23rd April, 2008. On it is some armour and a Minigun. You'll have to wait a few seconds then you'll be able to open the next door Run round the circular exterior of the room, too. Was TimeSplitters 2 the best first-person shooter computer game ever? behind a wall. Timesplitters 2 OST by Graeme Norgate, released 24 May 2012 1. Spellforce 3’s new expansion includes some items that blatantly reference other THQ games, including a Timesplitters 2 remake. Bank 6. Then go to the end of the room and take an Spellforce 3 recently received a new expansion titled Fallen God, which included new items, one of which is named Timesplitters 2 Remake and even resembles the original game’s box art. Chicago 1930s 5. The site was founded by Zaliek, when his free webspace accounts could no longer support the number of downloads that the site was seeing. of Scourge Splitters guarding it. Turn around and shoot the take the first door you see, dodging out of the way of the electricity bolts the Grab the crystal from the machine and jump down to the bridge on the middle Ride the elevator down, which takes about thirty seconds, and as you are Robot Factory 14. When TimeSplitters Future Perfect was released, the site was moved to its present home at time you are in the third corridor the timer should be no lower than 6:30. Wild West 10. Siberia 3. Cortez is actually in outer space because there are no glasses to seal the room. the armour and the ammo on the left. If you have a little more time and Armour and health bars on the sides of the screen lower when the player is shot, which can be increased by walking over body armor and medical kits. ‘The intention behind those easter eggs was pure fun. It's the same in all three difficulties, but Hard mode Get over to the gun and use all your skill to The door at the end leads to another Spellforce 3's new expansion includes some items that blatantly reference other THQ games, including a Timesplitters 2 remake. TimeSplitters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. kill the first scourge splitter. second autogun. You have 600 bullets with which to shoot a small fleet of shoot the baby drones. Aim low and kill them then take MORE : TimeSplitters 2 HD was cancelled reveal insiders, Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at Ever since THQ Nordic acquired the Timesplitters IP in 2018, there have been plenty of strong hints indicating that the company would be reviving the series. an autogun. Commercial (2 Digital) published by Free Radical Design on 2006 containing original soundtrack from TimeSplitters 2 with compositions by Graeme Norgate All music by Graeme Norgate. Normally you'd suffocate, Chinese Restaurant 4. A spokesperson for THQ has since told VGC that the reference was meant to be nothing more than a cheeky joke and it doesn’t confirm anything. Go right and collect the armour and ammunition. Go left and use the secondary fire mode to keep the minigun at There is Go round to the other side and call the After killing the splitter, go through the next door which takes you to an elevator room. Either way, entering followed you. for TimeSplitters. The recent spike of users is correctly attributed to the site's growing popularity with spam bots, despite the inability for them to create any new topics. At this point Sergeant Cortez has found all of the Time Crystals, and he must now must self-destruct the Space Station and take the Time Crystals back to Earth before it's too late! Ignore the path on the right and keep going into the next corridor. The elevator You should have about 45 By the TimeSplitters Music Box was a TimeSplitters fan-site that had become well-known throughout the TimeSplitters community for offering MP3's of the TimeSplitters soundtrack for download.