advocate or attorney or pleader or CS or CA (in whole-time practice) for formation of a company. LawSikho has created a telegram group for exchanging legal knowledge, referrals and various opportunities. Certificate of Incorporation (Sections 33 and 34). Promoters are generally held liable personally for the pre-incorporation contract unless the company ratified the contract. The personal details should match with the information provided in the DIN. Different rules apply if a company wishes to re-register from a private company limited by shares or a private unlimited company to a public company. is protected or regulated by other legislation. The promoter stands in a fiduciary relationship with the company, and it is the duty of the promoter to make good to the company whatever he has obtained as the Trustee of the company. When an election is in place private companies can send the information that would usually be kept in their registers to the registrar of companies for placing on the public register at Companies House. The regulations set out the words and expressions that must be disregarded and the words, expressions, signs and symbols that are to be regarded as the same. After the memorandum of association, the e-AOA option is provided so as to ease the process of incorporation even further, an e-AOA lays down rules and regulations of company affairs. Electronic incorporations can be submitted electronically through suitably enabled software. state that the objects of the company are the promotion or regulation of commerce, art, science, education, religion, charity or any profession incidental or conducive to any of those objects, require its income to be applied in promoting its objects, prohibit the payment of dividends, or any return of capital, to its members. This article dwells into the integrated process of Company registration. All text and numbers should be black, clear, legible, and of uniform density. Helpful resources 2. That is all good stuff. This type of company is called a ‘commonhold association’. The name of your company must end with ‘commonhold association limited’ or the Welsh equivalents. Paper documents should be on A4 size, plain white paper with a matt finish. The Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014, Weekly Competition – Week 4 – September 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 2 – October 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 3 – October 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 4 – October 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 1 – November 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 2 – November 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 3 – November 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 4 – November 2019, Weekly Competition – Week 1 – December 2019, Judicial Separation under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Essential Elements of Sponsorship Agreement, Sovereignty of a nation & conflict in laws, All you need to know about the tussle between Crocs and Bata. The single-window clearance regarding the incorporation of a company was an action taken by the central government of India to increase the feasibility and scope of the incorporation even further. The promoter may be held liable for not having complied with the provision. The United States Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. Further, the process of incorporation or registration requires first to apply for the unique name which shall be reserved for the proposed company against the payment of Rs. , wherein the promoter had agreed to purchase some properties on behalf of the company, after incorporation the company took possession of the properties and also constructed structures upon it. “the” and “www” at the beginning of a name. As stated in The Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004, if your community interest company is a private company its name must end with ‘community interest company’, or ‘c.i.c.’ Alternatively, if your company’s The certificate of incorporation is conclusive evidence that the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 as to registration have been complied with and that the company is duly registered under this Act. A name that includes sensitive words or expressions included in regulations.