Trade Alerts are FREE updates on topics such as trending hot products, buying requests and supplier information - sent directly to your email inbox! Obsession Telescopes chooses to work with Optical Mechanics and Ostahowski Optics - as these two companies have proven to be reliable and responsive to the needs of our customers. You cannot get a better coating at any price anywhere. Onetouch This is one reason we offer OMI and Ostahowski Optics mirrors. © 1999-2019 - RMS wavefront error is calculated from all of the measured data and gives the best indication of a mirror's overall performance. It can be shown that a Strehl ratio of 0.8 corresponds to an RMS wavefront error of 0.075 or approximately 1/14 wave. The Strehl ratio and RMS wavefront error are mathematically related. Shop information; Special offer - associations ; Second Hand Offer; You are here: Main page » Catalogue. Constructive and destructive interference between the combined wavefronts produces interference fringes. | Ostahowski Optics supplies Obsession with 15" to 22" aperture mirrors. Then Ion Bombardment Assisted Deposition (IBAD) to produce dense coating layers. OMI and Ostahowski Optics mirrors have the highest optical specs on the market because they continuously invest in improving their quality control process. Optical Mechanics Inc. (OMI) supplies Obsession with 12.5" to 25" aperture mirrors. Fringe analysis software then picks hundreds of points along the fringes over the entire wavefront to accurately quantify the deviations. All Classic and Ultra Compact 15”, 18", 20” and 22" Obsessions use fused quartz (also called fused silica) for the primary mirror glass. The results of this effort are accurate RMS wavefront error and Strehl ratio values. Each interferogram contains roughly 300 data points from which the RMS and Strehl are calculated. There isn't enough data in this representation to accurately calculate an RMS or Strehl value. My mirrors are made to the following design and use specifications. Ostahowski Optics is well known as the original supplier of large aperture mirrors to the amateur astronomy community, and their long standing reputation for high optical quality is well deserved. The interference fringes are captured using a camera and image capture board, and then displayed on a computer monitor. OMI's founder and chief optician, James Mulherin, is a frequent participant in various on-line discussions groups, providing support and innovative ideas to the amateur community. Taobao Taiwan, Browse Alphabetically: Dave Kriege takes a selfie with a 24" reference test flat. A state of the art electron beam gun is used to provide excellent control of material evaporation rates and layer thickness. United Lens; They offer a 412mm (16 inch) for $900 Also have several other sizes of mirror … Obsession Telescopes feature primary mirrors made by two of the best established and most reputable optical companies serving the astronomy community today. James Mulherin of Optical Mechanics, Inc. holds up one of the new 25" mirror blanks, OMI's mirrors have developed a reputation for consistent high optical quality coupled with the most responsive customer service in the industry. To illustrate this point, consider two mirrors both with the same P-V wavefront error. OMI and Ostahowski Optics mirrors are certified to meet or exceed the following wavefront specifications at 550 nm: P-V < 0.25 wave - RMS < 0.05 wave - Strehl ratio > 0.80. | This is simply the distance in waves from the lowest point to the highest point on the wavefront.