One of my favorite games on which I dropped 2300 hours is pretty much 20 years old. A lot of the content being released for Federations will be in the Verne patch release for free. i enjoyed it when it first came out. While it was difficult to test exhaustively in the limited time we had for review, responsiveness on a moment to moment basis even as larger fleets and more activity took the field remained very stable. I am waiting to find out if performance has been fixed tomorrow with 2.6 patch. ♥♥♥♥ no, its a mess. Each federation has a set of laws which govern them, controlling not only how many ships the Federation itself controls but how leadership passes (if it does) and how votes are tallied. Eventually you will be part of a federation, which now, in several flavors from the Starfleet-like Galactic Union to the military junta of the Hegemony. The lightened restrictions on what kind of Empire can engage in diplomacy with actual positive outcome has a lot more impact than you might think. There has been some question when it comes to trying to pick apart what is going to be free in the patch and what you’re actually paying for if you pick up Federations. It was overwhelming but then it becomes more obvious the more you play and the mini tutorial type walkthrough will help you. The Control system works well even for the controller. Let’s try to nail some of that Jell-O to a tree. As updates go, it adds a vast amount of content to the game that intimately changes the flow of play. Several Civics which used to define such things have been folded into Origins, freeing up a slot to differentiate your species from others even more. Sure it is nowhere near on par with the PC version but it does a great job of trying to achieve close to it and the developers are working to bring any missing content across so that users can experience the whole package. Then there are the ships that can attack and defend when you come across various enemies on your way through space. With the controller it seems to do an acceptable job using the sticks as a cursor and the d-pad to snap across certain features, it works and it works as well as it can do. Quite simply, no. It’s in there. If you’re into strategy games such as even Cities Skylines and similar experiences in the console market this is the only title of its type currently and believe me it is worth sticking with from beginning to end. I don't need to many of the DLC's to catch up if it is. Thank you for subscribing to Bonus Stage. I am head admin for Xbox One Fans on Facebook where we have almost half a million followers and I also run xboxonefansofficial on Instagram where I have almost 70k followers. Set it to “Economic” and people looking to make a deal will come to you. #6. Whilst many of the random encounters are minor straightforward simple to deal with engagements, there are also bigger things happening such as invasions into your territory which is a must deal with the scenario as it is imperative to further happenings. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. It truly is an exciting period for the console market as I absolutely adore this genre of games and RTS type experiences and to see them making their way to portable machines is promising. It is important to note that if you want to gain achievements for this title you’ll have to enable a certain mode and it will save consistently forcing you to stick with your actions rather than backtracking and loading up the save to avoid something happening. Federations is one of the best expansions for Stellaris that we’ve seen and the impact is going to be felt for the rest of the life of the game, which being supported by Paradox means many years to come. As updates go, it adds a vast amount of content to the game that intimately changes the flow of play. The dev diaries talk about making fewer individual small checks, each of which has a significant overhead, and moving them into larger, less granular decision points. You’ll find of the biggest change to the game starting to kick in – diplomacy. It truly is fun expanding and exploring, finding new planets and picking fresh fights, and seeing what you come out of it with. Stellaris is set in space in the year 2200 and your early mission is to take control of a species in the early stages of interstellar exploration and this occurs directly after the invention of faster than light spacecraft construction. It sucks now. That is the exciting part however as you will never play the same game twice here, it is a constantly changing experience. As you start to explore other planets and colonize you will find random occurrences being spawned for you to deal with.