Meatballs are a fantastic way to use up pork mince, whether simmered in pasta sauce as seen in Dominic Chapman's Spaghetti meatballs recipe or, as Louise Robinson demonstrates in her Japanese pork meatball recipe, flavoured with ginger, garlic and chilli and served with noodles or rice. It’s a simple recipe, with... Swap the pork and prawns for tofu to make this dish vegetarian. This impressive pork and egg pie by Gill Meller would make the perfect addition to... For something a little bit different, serve up Ken Hom’s pork-stuffed bitter melon with black... There’s something so satisfyingly indulgent about soft, thick udon noodles – they’re made for slurping... Here’s a comforting enchiladas recipe to simplify weeknight dinner planning; this bubbling bake is bursting... A fragrant pork mince recipe taken from Kay Plunkett-Hogge’s Thai cookbook Baan. While there are many reasons to embrace this unsung hero – pork mince is delicious, generally lean and cheaper than its aforementioned meaty counterparts – the most common factor in holding people back is simply not knowing quite what to do with it. If you always find yourself drawn more to snacks than meals, Russell Brown has sorted your Sunday lunches for life with his fantastic Pork and apple sausage roll recipe. Delicious magazine is a part of Eye to Eye Media Ltd. magazine. Use it to make everything from our delicious pork burgers and German meatloaf to Thai dishes and Swedish meatballs. The refreshing taste of cucumber pairs incredibly well with the richness of the pork, and... Red peppers are stuffed with a paprika-spiced pork mince and rice filling in this quick... Pork and sherry makes for a new twist on the traditional bolognese recipe. today for just £13.50 – that's HALF PRICE! Served large as a centrepiece, this dish combines the flavours of a sausage roll with the majestic presence of a beef Wellington. The cannellini beans in this pork and lemon meatballs dish make it into a quick... A quick midweek dinner of pork and apple burgers with warming wintry flavours. Subscribe to delicious. Discover our simple, comforting Italian recipe for pork mince meatballs in tomato sauce. Pork mince is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Lamb and turkey do occasionally enjoy some time in the sun, but pork mince remains somewhat overlooked. Use for meatballs, Chinese dumplings or Thai-style pork balls. Minced pork can be substituted for minced beef or lamb, or mixed with them for a different flavour. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Spaghetti and meatballs with mini garlic bites, Stir-fried minced pork with Thai basil and chilli oil, Albóndigas Mexicanas – smoky Mexican meatballs, Pork and prawn wontons in chilli oil sauce, Prawn nigiri, Japanese omelette and pork meatball bento box, Hog: proper pork recipes from the snout to the squeak, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. If you’d prefer beef mince recipes, we’ve got plenty of those too. please click this link to activate your account. We have sent you an activation link, Fortunately, this collection of pork mince recipes contains plenty of inspiration for cooking with this fantastic ingredient. Now you can stay up to date with all the latest news, recipes and offers. There's no doubt that beef is something of a behemoth in the minced meat world. For something a little bit different, serve up Ken Hom’s … magazine this month for a half price subscription, Subscribe to the digital edition of delicious. Subscribe to delicious. Quick and easy pork mince recipes like stir fry with noodles, sausage rolls, burgers and patties, meatballs, terrine and san choy bau lettuce cups. If an account was found for this email address, we've emailed you instructions to reset your password. Stuffed bitter melon with black bean sauce.