Aristotle vs Plato : A critical pupil. In the Nichomachean ethics, Aristotles’ main aim is to provide a description of what this so-called happiness actually is, and how […] Well-Being: The state of being healthy happy or prosperous. He also wrote many dialogues. However, he further claims that both the body and soulconstitutes of human nature. He was a mathematician, writer, and founder of the Academy in Athens, which was the first institution for higher studies. Just likePlato, Aristotle believes that human beings are rational and socialcreatures. At the same time, he recognised with the multiplicity of things Democritus and Heraclitus with the reality of becoming (the sensible world). Aristotle,on the hand, seems to disagree on some of the views of plato on humannature. Plato and Aristotle had their contribution on the issue and it is still today a matter of either faith or speculation. There, however , is no hesitation that Aristotle’s philosophy was influenced by Plato’s thought. Plato owed much to his predecessors. This means that even though there are some aspects he agreeson with Plato, there are some major differences presented. Plato and Aristotle on well-being. This compare and contrast essay on Aristotle and Plato: Life after Death – Compare and Contrast was written and submitted by your fellow student. Plato and Aristotle argue that people possess a certain natural ability that determines their role in society. Die Druckversion dieses … Platonists on Aristotle from Antiochus to Porphyry von George E. Karamanolis und Verleger OUP Oxford. Precisely, Aristotle’s arguments are more plausible than those of Plato are. He took on the definition of being given by the Eleatics: one, unchanging, free from multiplicity, change (the world of ideas). The fundamental character of one’s soul, in part, determines this natural ability. Aristotle, students of Plato, subscribes to most of Plato’s philosophical thought, but disagrees with other folks, and usually spends time planning to develop alternate theories in support of his position. It seems obvious to suggest that the goal we all are aiming at is total happiness; total success and fulfillment. He was greatly influenced by Socrates. Sparen Sie bis zu 80% durch die Auswahl der eTextbook-Option für ISBN: 9780191532634, 0191532630. Plato and Aristotle have anti-democratic biases which sometimes render obstacle to a political-science student’s serious study of ancient political thought. Plato is Aristotle’s predecessor and most of their writings agree although there are times that they deviate from their original ideas. As not all humans have the same capabilities, Plato and Aristotle are proposing that the hierarchical social organization purportedly based on merit is ideal. Plato’s Philosophical Analysis on the Nature of Knowledge . Plato and Aristotle in Agreement? But they are more than valid and are even applicable to today’s democratic practices. Plato: Aristotle: Plato marked the starting of the present-day Western culture along with his mentor, Socrates, and student, Aristotle.