Otherwise, the plant will be weak and lose its beauty. Hyacinths also gain huge popularity in 18th century France. Derived from Greek legend about a young beautiful boy named Hyakinthos who was slain by Zephyr, the god of the west wind. Wondering what the future holds? Hyacinths got their name from the Greek legend of a handsome young man named Hyakinthos. And as the chief commercial producer, the Netherlands created more than 2,000 cultivars of hyacinths. Hyacinth blooms in March. In addition to writing, she also co-manages a farm, where she grows a variety of plants and raises chickens, pigs, and sheep. Red is a fun, vivacious color that symbolizes playtime. For the inflammation of joints, it can reduce the swelling. Fashion was one of the main reasons why the flower attracted so much attention. Although the origins of this symbol are unknown, you should be careful about gifting a yellow hyacinth in particular – it can indicate that you are jealous of someone’s success. In the 16th century, the cultivation of Hyacinth became serious in Europe as well. This region includes Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and other countries. The story in any way doesn’t sound very optimistic. One day, Apollo was teaching Hyákinthos to throw a disc. Not so fast! When Zephyrus saw them together, he became so jealous that he directed the disc thrown by Apollo to Hyákinthos’ head. Hyacinth flowers belong to the asparagus family with color variations ranging in deep indigo, bright magenta, light pink, purple and white. Red hyacinths were mentioned in Revelation 9: 17. Based on witch lore, the hyacinth is a symbol of positive things. It traces its roots with Greek mythology but actually originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and only spread throughout Europe in the 18th century. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. Every flower has its own special meaning, and the hyacinth is no exception. Blue Hyacinth meaning: Constancy. Please forgive me. There are some historians and botanists who believe that the name hyacinth is derived from the word jacinth. This hyacinth has a single dense spike of fragrant flowers in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet or yellow. The leaf extracts of hyacinth mixed with turmeric help to treat eczema. And because of such properties, we can also find hyacinth in many hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. You will reuse the same bulbs in the following year. Spin my tarot wheel to find out. The red hyacinth is good for many ailments. The apostle John talked about seeing horses in his vision and on these steeds rode horsemen who wore breastplates of fiery red hyacinths. Holland was the biggest cultivator of hyacinth bulbs. The early varieties of hyacinth should be planted at the beginning of September, and the late varieties at the end of October. When the red and pink hyacinth means play in Victorian flower language, it means happiness, love and protection in witch-lore. You can grow them in flowerbeds on your windows or balcony, in your garden, hallway, etc. Chrysanthemums – Pink chrysanthemums mean death in Asian cultures. It was one of the flowers that formed the couch of Hera. Hyacinth is a bulbous plant that belongs to the Asparagaceae family. Celebrating over 10 years online. But the main usage of hyacinth is its oil. To retain better moisture, the soil should be a combination of peat and sand. Purple is generally used to symbolize royalty and spirituality. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the Hyacinth meaning and its origins. Veronica – A delicate pink Veronica flower is perfect for weddings and baby showers. The hyacinth flower name has a most interesting meaning. When the red and pink hyacinth means play in Victorian flower language, it means happiness, love and protection in witch-lore. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. Rebekah is a writer in upstate New York, just north of the Adirondack Mountains. It represents constancy and vigor. White Hyacinth meaning: I’ll pray for you. Some species of hyacinths were used for their diuretic and stimulant properties. The young man died instantly. Most commonly grown as an ornamental garden plant, the hyacinth flower can also be grown as an indoor houseplant. Since it is a bulbous plant, it grows up to 12 in high. Hyacinth Flower Meanings. There are only three wild species of hyacinths: Hyacinthus litwinovii, Hyacinthus orientalis (aka. During the 18th century, hyacinths gain huge popularity in the Netherlands. Apollo was heartbroken upon witnessing this tragedy and planted a flower where the young boy died. Shortly after, blood began to sprout from his head and later a flower bloomed. Although the Victorians gave the red hyacinth a positive meaning, in the Bible, it’s a different story. According to the same legend, Hyákinthos died crying: “Oh, oh” – until this day we can read those words on the wild hyacinth leaves. Hyacinth has no more than six and not less than four leaves on its stems. They are especially effective in improving the health of our skin and hair. If we would look at the Greek legend above, we could say that the hyacinth meaning is grief and mourning. And this is because of its beautiful colored flowers and incredible aroma. White typically symbolizes innocence and purity. Hyacinth Flower – Color and Meaning During the middle ages, hyacinths were extensively cultivated in Arab gardens. It also has religious connotations, which makes sense when you consider that giving someone a white hyacinth means that you are praying for them. 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Looking from this perspective, hyacinth is a symbol of a human effort to achieve his/her dreams. It looks absolutely lovely while sitting in a vase and adorning your home, but you might be wondering whether it has a larger meaning. When hyacinth leaves open, we can observe how a cluster of flowers emerges from the center. Hydrangea meaning. Hyacinth is also derived from the word jacinth meaning a blue gemstone.