This is my first time to come to this website. If a Major Arcana precedes the Minor Arcana card, add one year to the period in question. Dates do not apply when using the book itself as an oracle. Instead, I like to help my clients understand what needs to happen first before the desired event will come to fruition, and how to recognise where they are in that journey. This type of reading can be helpful when requiring a more defined answer, it’s like looking at a reading under a magnifying glass! My cards were 8 of wands ,10 of swords and 9 of pentacles. But as Tarot readers, we also know that timing can be challenging. So going back to the Tarot cards above, If I were to ask how can I find the right home quickly and easily? Everyone wants to know when! For me, I tend to avoid prediction, as I don’t seem particularly gifted in that skill. Finally, Card 7 will give you a timeline of what to expect and will show how the situation may evolve over the next few months. As a Tarot reader, how many times have you been asked “When will I…?”, When you want something so bad, part of that desire is knowing exactly when it's going to happen. This information is by no means complete, the book contains further details for the dates and timeframes, and reading advice. The timing is up in the air until the path has been travelled. Cheers! , Hi Emmelia, Shuffle the deck, concentrating only on the issue, and set the cards face down3. Do not cut the cards4. I like this ideas ~ think I might try it . Truly helpful. My monthly newsletter is full of Tarot spreads, Tarot exercises, deck reviews and more. Wands definitely show the nature of fire: “Yes! Ho’oponopono says we are 100% responsible for what comes into our life. When we take this view, we get to absolve all responsibility for our lives. Well, perhaps you needed to experience inactivity and passivity first in order to finally get a move on and sell the house quickly when you did take action. (Remember, the future is fluid—so are your choices.) And for Card 5, you're showing when it might not be the best time to manifest the outcome. You can use any of the variously known spreads for predicting with Time Tarot. “Great!” you think. So, a reading done in February showing March on the date card means March of the NEXT year, not the pursuant month. Also, there were two cards that repeated from the last time I drew about the refi, both very positive and showing that it’s going to get done. Here are links to a couple of videos with different methods and perspectives on timely predictions with Tarot cards. I used to think a prediction was something that was revealed that would come to pass no matter what. ♥ Notice if the cards suggest a particular season. Besides dates, Tobin-Gray and Wentworth created their own definitions for each Minor Arcana card, each Major Arcana card, and introduced a refinement of five ‘extra’ original defined cards called the Semi-Major Arcana; we won’t go into them in this article, however. And Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to you and all your readers. thx , Thank you Kate. “I can just sit back and relax now because I know that no matter what I do, the house will sell!”. It happened to me several times that I meditated on different issues, just silently without urging to have an answer. I have tried asking times and dates while reading the Tarot before, only to find that the cards always show how-to’s and blocks-to-clear’s and watch-out’s. Hugs, What Tarot decks and books do you recommend for an absolute Tarot beginner? I only use Tarot to make future predictions and have been about 85% right especially with not incorporating the free will excuse into my readings. Warm Regards, It gave me a really good outlook on predicting and other ways to to time events or outcomes for my clients. Sure, we might predict that an event will happen, but it is our action (or lack thereof) that will decide the timing. EG, Pentacle card reversed would most likely be years. Having given this much thought recently, here is what I’m thinking now: People generally misunderstand this aspect and demand timing…. Here's an example. Stay in the loop! It not only let me learn precious tips in giving tarot reading, but also inspires me in asking questions ^^, You are so welcome! . Use their time values, or apply the Time Tarot dates and timeframes. My personal favourite is in the book, “Time Tarot” by Alarnah Tobin-Gray and Llyle Wentworth, published in 2002, a ‘Holy Grail’ of a book for Tarot readers. Make Your Own Tarot Journal…And Boost Your Tarot Reading Skills! The chart of cards and their dates/timeframes appears below the instructions. , Kate! Formulate your question2. While I do get great feedback on the more “What’s going on here and what’s a good course of action in response” types of tarot-centered information. You have chosen the Lover's Path Tarot for your reading. Pentacles are “you reap what you sow” cards in a gardening attitude: “Your effort will blossom on its’ natural pace” or “You first need to do the necessary work and be patient”. I’m really glad you liked it, Jamie! For example, if you were looking for love and the Devil came up here, then it's a sign that a co-dependent relationship is not the right one for you. For example, if the first and second cards are Major Arcana, and the third is Minor Arcana, … Project means to estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present data. Then I read this page, and it made sense so I asked “how can I bring this change I face sooner? Cheers. However many intuitive people seem to make predictions, I believe it is more about their psychic skills. Rayla 8 of wands says speedy news or situation coming,arrows of love. If the date is prior to the tarot reading, the event will happen when the dates next occur 7. What Makes a Good (or Bad) Tarot Reading? In general, look for reversed Tarot cards which may indicate delays or energy blocks that need to be cleared before the desired outcome can be manifested. Totally the same sentiments here. For one, we each have free will and can make choices that will ultimately impact the timing of an event. If you like working with traditional timing techniques in Tarot, then use them here with this card. 10 of swords says- death or ending of a situation or relation ship – which tells me that if I continue to allow how I feel about the situation ,if I allow the obstacle to block me,that when I do get a job itl end our relationship. Have just caught up with some older posts – liked Deniz’s concept of timing. When people started to ask “when” i always tell them that its better that we focus on what we can to to make things happen instead of focusing on the time. I recently realized that Tarot is a projection rather than what people refer to as a prediction. Understand if this is truly the right outcome – and if it's not, delve deeper into what the alternative outcome might be. This article was written by a contributor. Remember: we are looking into the future, not the past, unless that is otherwise requested. If you turn a Major Arcana card, continue to turn more cards until you get a Minor Arcana card, a maximum of five cards8. This is especially true if you get more than one card with the same number on it. And if I don’t worry and trust that shell be accepting of it then I can change the outcome of that obstacle. (In fact, the final card shows a Knight with a rolled parchment in his hand, which I take as him delivering me a contract!). Be specific and get a clear picture in your head before you draw your one tarot card. Thank you so much Dawn, for sharing your reading experience I’m glad this approach worked for you! Perhaps in Wands you could also ask ‘are you ready to accept the challenge? The client might think they want to get married ASAP, but what if marriage take away their freedom which they deeply cherish? I am going to give that a try – that’s actually the best one I’ve heard. The most popular tarot deck in the world. The Six of Rods would suggest that I focus on moving forward and visualize success, while the Ace of Wands encourages me to prepare for a new beginning. [of whatever] and for Pentacles maybe you could say ‘make sure you do your homework on this matter, get all the right information together before you make a decision or act on something… etc. I am out of practice I have not touched my cards in a long time. Thanks for sharing. Share your Tarot reading below in the comments – I'd love to see how it has worked for you! The purpose of EVERYTHING is I’ll let you know if it’s the 14th! One of the ways I learned for timing was that Swords are minutes to days, Wands are days to weeks, Cups are weeks to months, and Pentacles are months to years. All Rights Reserved. The When Will It Happen oracle is a one card reading offering guidance for when something may occur, if things continue as they have been. Again, if the desired outcome was to find love and the Ace of Cups appeared at Month 2, then that's a pretty good indication that the goal will be achieved during this month… so long as the client is open to the messages within the reading and takes action.