Amfitrion; 5.00 star(s) Today at 9:46 AM; Version: v.1.5; An absolutely phenomenal tool! New York, At any time, you can pull in new sources, duplicate those that you have active already and on top of that, get to tweak the properties of each of these sources to fit your demands. Simple, intuitive, useful - fabulous. To make the learning curve less steep, OBS Studio takes you through a wizard-like guide that lets you set up this software to suit the task at hand – video recording or streaming. "sLengthMenu": "Display _MENU_ records per page", Receive news and offers from our other brands? OBS Studio requires some configuration, and does not “just work” like other options do. The user interface may be a bit daunting for starters but once you have taken the time to acquaint yourself with it, the effort and time you invest will surely not be in vain. Mixing sources can be intimidating if you're doing it live, so you might want to get used to how things work by recording a few test videos. OBS without an active recording using the dark theme. Once OBS was going it dropped to 50.33fps. It is a very powerful tool and especially gamers will definitely love it as it incorporates everything that you need for that extra professional  OBS project. Other Popular Software Reviews; What is OBS Studio ? Video recording system that offers online video/audio capturing, filters for video sources, audio mixer, and more. OBS Studio goes the extra mile to take audio management to another level. Please refresh the page and try again. For OBS Voicemeeter in OBS Studio Plugins. Copyright © 2020 TalkHelper Inc., All Rights Reserved. This software is amazing for being free. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. However,…, Not long ago, having some online presence is good enough to make a company relevant. For the most reliable results beginners should use one of the software (x264) options instead. To get started with OBS Studio you first create what is called a “Scene” that houses all your recording sources. It is not a tool that just starts up and works, however. To understand just how powerful and flexible this screen recorder is, we embark on a journey that will see to it that you get to learn all the features you can expect. A. Each month we help +100k companies to find efficient online tools. Showing 5 of 423 reviews. 1 of 2 Go to page. No matter the number of sources you are working with, OBS Studio is able to capture and mix all that without breaking a sweat. YouTube gives anyone the opportunity to become a broadcaster, but in order to get started you're going to need some sort of software to mix together your content. All these detailed settings, and OBS Studio’s lack of default hotkey settings for brief bursts of recording, are reasons to stay away for most users. Ian is an independent writer based in Israel who has never met a tech subject he didn't like. The drop on The Division benchmark was even smaller, averaging 55.6fps without OBS Studio, and 51fps after it was running. }); By default, OBS will choose hardware encoding, but that setting can get a little finicky. The moment you rock it, you can rest assured of a professional final product on services like Twitch and YouTube. All B2B Directory Rights Reserved. This kind of layout presentation also goes a long way to rid you of the need to keep interacting with menus. OBS Studio is a popular open-source solution for recording you gameplay, and more specifically, for blasting it out to the world. He primarily covers Windows, PC and gaming hardware, video and music streaming services, social networks, and browsers. Instead of a static user interface, OBS Studio has more of a dynamic user interface whose layout can always be rearranged to your preference. Contributor, At first OBS Studio feels a little mysterious; there's little guidance or indication about what you need to do first, and you may well find that getting up and running is a matter of trial and error if you're unfamiliar with this type of software. You get to realize this when working with the different sources you intend on incorporating in your broadcast or screen recording. That alone is commendable for a program that I run on a weekly basis. OBS Studio are its robust feature set, ease of use, and it’s free. It also lacks some of the handy features that other programs such as Plays and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience enable by default. Instructions to record game and stream with OBS, as well as a detailed guide for configurations and precautions have been in detail introduced to viewers of this passage. You are also opened up to one of the most instinctive settings panel whose layout is in a way that tweaking the aspects of the screencast or broadcast is just like a walk in the park. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? There was a problem. With support for Twitch, YouTube,, DailyMotion,,, Facebook Live and, all of the major streaming services are covered. It works great with Twitch, and it being open sourced means it is a budding streamer's best friend. Best Alternative to OBS: Wondershare DemoCreator. Please refresh the page and try again. Better yet, the configurations you make can be saved for reuse and in the distance you are stuck, just pick an existing preset and bend it to your specifications. It will still work even on not so high system specifications but for the best experience, make sure you have some good spec machine as part of your base artillery. With OBS Studio, you can even customize the quality of capture, set the resolution as per your requirement, or use the resolution of your monitor. There is a free version.OBS Studio does not offer a free trial.See additional pricing details below. © OBS Studio is a powerful program that provides out-of-the-box features for intuitive screencasting. Unless you’re willing to put in some time to learn this software or have needs beyond simple game recording—professional Twitch streamers swear by OBS and its deep, configurable power—OBS Studio probably isn’t for you. It performs well with the computers that have SSD hard disks wi the external graphic cards.