Brawl has it’s own set of rules, both in deck building and in gameplay. 4 Kargan Intimidator: For a 2 drop, Intimidator has so much text. Unsurprisingly it’s not easy for an aggro deck to beat two card drawing, life gaining, ramping Green Mythic Rares that need to be dealt with almost immediately. Who could’ve guessed except for literally every person on Twitter? I wasn’t positive if I wanted Kenrith over another Basri’s Lieutenant until I played a match against Monored. You don’t want too many of these, but you’re quite happy when you draw one. You can never leave home without these pups. 5 Cards That Might Need a Ban in Standard, 4 Control Decks To Get You to Mythic for the November 2020 Ranked Season, Orzhov 8-Dancer: The New Tier 1 Monster in Historic. This article will help you do just that, with these 9 easy deck building tips. 4 Bonecrusher Giant: This card is broken. 1 Basri’s Lieutenant: The Human I was most surprised to see vacant from the list, he isn’t the most exciting, but boy does it feel good to get him off a Winota. The only unfortunate part of the inclusion is that you can’t really make good use of his death trigger, as he’s the only creature that adds counters to your creatures. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Last modified November 11, 2020. As much as I love Kargan Intimidator, against Monored it’s almost always a 2 mana 3/1. If it was a non-Human, I’d argue it’s one of the best cards in the deck, but since it isn’t, I’ll still argue that it’s one of the better cards in the deck. 2 Skyclave Apparition: A nice speed bump against other aggressive decks, this can exile any non-token permanent under 4 cmc so you can also use this to eat Clover. So as a thank you, I’m giving you more decks! Well, uh, moving on. Generally they have fewer heavy hitting creatures so the removal loses slight value, but you need to kill Omnath on sight, so you still need a reasonable amount of to keep it at bay. The last one I did was on Dimir 8 Shark Control which was a resounding success, and I can’t thank each one of you enough for taking the time to read it. I hope MENSA is sending Jordan his membership card, because this is the perfect way to help combat them. 1 Embercleave: This is likely the most contentious number in the entire deck. Nevertheless, he is still a powerful card and I’m mostly hard on him because he doesn’t feel as good as he did last set. I rated Maul of the Skyclaves highly in the initial Wildcard Crafting Guide (until Chris Kvartek made me push it down a tier, jerk) and I’m glad it can see it’s time in the sun. Card bonks one of your opponent’s creatures and then makes a 4/3 right on time for Winota to come down. 1 Kenrith, the Returned King: Utilize this when your opponent doesn’t have many ways to answer your Winota and you should be in good shape. So with all that in mind, let’s break this deck down. I’ll just rip what I said in the 8 Shark guide and put it here; I’m not the biggest fan of definitive sideboard guides as they can placate your ability for on the fly decision making, but knowing how I approach each matchup is obviously extremely helpful. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. 2 Spikefield Hazard: Another smart inclusion in the deck, having cheap answers to Lotus Cobra is nice, however with the Uro banning, they feel less necessary than they used to be. MTG Brawl Rules. You would think Winota makes the deck building decisions obvious, play a bunch of non-Humans and some good Humans you want to Winota into. All Rights Reserved. I believe so actually. He has one GP and PTQ Top 8, has 3-0d 3 professional draft pods, and loves writing and teaching! The last one I did was on Dimir 8 Shark Control which was a resounding success, and I can’t thank each one of you enough for taking the time to read it. If you want to watch me make a fool of myself for your entertainment, please follow me on Twitch! Talk about value! It’s another 4 drop in the pantheon of 2019-2020 4 drops that allow you to cheat on mana. However, Uro recently received his divine punishment leaving just Omnath to hold up the fort. The protection from Multicolor isn’t as important as it was last season, but not being able to be blocked by an Omnath is still big game. I've received a ton of decklists, but instead of delving straight into doctoring one particular deck, I'm going to take a look at the Building end of this column. Y’all know what time it is, it’s Deck Guide time. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Naya Winota by Charizard7 – #374 Mythic – Zendikar Rising Standard, Boros Winota Warriors by Oliver Tiu – Standard Metagame Challenge 7 Win Deck, Boros Winota by Robert Lee – Post-Uro Ban Standard, many brave souls who are willing to play control against Omnath. You overload on removal and simply don’t let them untap with anything important.