We want everyone to experience the health benefits of Green Tea and show you that this can be an amazing, refreshing, and delicious drink when made correctly. Genmaicha is lighter and easier to drink than other green teas, and with its distinct flavor and delicious rice aroma it will surely become one of your favorite teas. Japanese Green Tea Co. is famous for the quality tea which is grown in sugarcane soil. The green tea in genmaicha helps to regulate blood pressure and fight against hypertension. – Genmaicha When to drink genmaicha_Photo Courtesy: t-east.jp Genmaicha that will usually contain the highest level of caffeine will be made of sencha or gyokuro tea and enhanced with matcha green tea powder. In particular, vitamin E can be taken with matcha tea, but it is not a habit to get matcha itself at home. Just like any other tea, Genmaicha has a lot of benefits, from health benefits to dieting benefits. Vitamin B-complex can support recovering from fatigue, so that you can be healthier just by drinking cups of genmaicha every day. Kei Nishida is a writer, a Japanese Green Tea enthusiast, and the founder and CEO of Japanese Green Tea Company. Benefits of genmaicha green tea Genmaicha carries excellent health benefits from both green tea and brown rice. Green Tea Club is hosted by Kei Nishida, Author of Cook with Matcha and Green Tea and CEO of Japanese Green Tea Company. Coupled with a toasted rice aroma that is soothing and eases you into a state of relaxation. If you want to get genmaicha online, you can get from our online store here, but if you want to make your own here is a simple instruction. Genmaicha green tea that has been properly steeped will have a hue that is golden and brassy. Buying Genmaicha with Matcha Online ... Japanese Green Tea and Health Blog is collection of articles related to the health benefits of Japanese Green Tea. The presence of selenium in genmaicha contributes to regulating thyroid hormones. The Best Gift Guide for Japanese Tea Lovers, Matcha Shortbread Cookies with a Honey Milk Glaze, 5 Health Benefits of Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea. The selenium found in genmaicha stimulates blood flow which can help reduce blood clots. Is the Genmaicha green tea with roasted brown good for fatty liver. If your main interest are the health benefits, I suggest that you drink matcha. It is because Genmaicha tea prevents you to get any cardiovascular disaster. Fans in Japan often refer to genmaicha green tea as popcorn tea. Unlike tea, the caffeine in Genmaicha tea doesn’t bring side effects to the body, unless you have a low tolerance of caffeine. Secure Shopping Protected by Shopify Inc. - Privacy and Terms. Drinking brown rice green tea can help with sleep, relaxation, and focus. Genmaicha tea benefits vary from regulating thyroid hormone, an important important metabloism hormone, enhancing blood circulation, helps our digestion system, helps lose weight, and many more. Don’t miss out on the health benefits of tea! People all over the world love genmaicha. You should avoid storing the container in a place that experiences direct sunlight or warm temperatures. If you are in Japan, almost every tea room and tea shop throughout Japan sells brewed and packaged varieties of this drink. Your email address will not be published. Classic Green Tea with a delicate, refreshing flavor and grassy notes, Green Tea, Health  |  Although drinking Genmaicha tea is good for health, it can be dangerous if you are pregnant. Ceremonial Matcha; Genmaicha; Gyokuro ; Sencha; Blueberry Matcha The health benefits of Matcha Green Tea are wide ranging and well-documented. Get the latest on new arrivals, as well as reads on Japanese tea, recipes, and culture. Matcha Genmaicha is rich in catechins, which belong to the polyphenols, and vitamin E, which makes it a rust-free body. He is also the author of multiple published books related to green tea. Genmaicha tea contains gamma-Aminobutyric acid or GABA that is known to help your nerves become calmer and it will also help you release the stress. A blend of roasted brown rice and sencha with matcha from Kyoto. Click here to learn more about the best way to store tea. Comments will be approved before showing up. Place your rice inside a sieve with leaves of. If you suffer from migraine, it is better to avoid drinking this tea to avoid further side effects. This tea can cause a headache because of the caffeine on it. Drinking this coffee daily is actually safe for the body, but it can cause insomnia if you have a lower tolerance for caffeine. The Old Tips: Eggshells in Coffee. If you are suffering from insomnia, drinking Genmaicha tea can solve your problem. It is because Genmaicha tea contains a low amount of caffeine that will awake your brain. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain. The caffeine in Genmaicha tea can help you eliminate the toxin of the body. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 Japanese Green Tea Company LLC - BLACK FRIDAY SALE IN PROGRESS 15% OFF ENTIRE STORE + FREE SHIPPING! The drink typically has a nutty flavor. However, you can refrigerate your fresh genmaicha overnight. Tea that has been opened will generally stay fresh for up to six weeks. However this tea isn’t that famous outside Japan, compared to other kind of teas, like matcha, green tea, and black tea. The exact flavor you experience will depend on the type of green tea that is used. Nutritional Profiles Matcha tea powder often boasts of more vitamins B6 and beta-carotene compared to Sencha. 10 Great Tips and Ideas to Make Green Tea Taste Better, Best Natural Medicine for Good Night Sleep. With just a few tips on how to brew this powerful leaf we can change your mind about the taste and enjoyment of drinking Green Tea. Green tea should be placed in an airtight container once it has been opened. Since genmaicha is mixed with sencha, drinking genmaicha throughout the day will help boost your immune system while continuously cleansing your body of toxins. Since genmaicha is low in caffeine, it is a perfect tea to drink throughout the day with numerous impressive health benefits in every cup. It is famous for having a soothing effect and relax our minds. To this Genmaicha tea benefit, you are suggested to drink this tea three cups a day. Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine? 11.15.2019  |  By C. Xu. The thyroid is a gland that regulates the body’s metabolism and controls the production of important hormones. A company out of Kyoto called Nippon Cha ships its products around the world. There are so many sites out there that talks about tea but let me tell you straight the 17 most useful and captivating tea blogs that would surely make you time worthy to read into. To prevent insomnia, you can limit the Genmaicha tea you drink. On the flip side, Sencha has higher amounts of vitamin C and E. Additionally, sun exposure increases the amount of Catechin or EGCG in green tea leaves. Reply. Super Delicious Passion Fruit Green Tea and Its Health Benefits. This tea also contains lots of natural polyphenols that can help the detoxifying process of the body and it also has lots of antioxidants that can help the body prevents the side effects of free radicals. Matcha Genmaicha is recommended as it is simple and has no additives. Our Award-Winning Matcha is on Amazon Now! Is Drinking Kombucha Daily Good? The antibacterial properties found in genmaicha kill bacteria that causes tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath. It actually consists of green tea that is mixed with roasted brown rice. Tea contains caffeine that makes it the natural diuretic and brown rice is also a powerful source of a natural diuretic. Why Not? If you are pregnant and still want to drink this tea, you can limit the amount of tea you drink and it is better if you consult it to your doctor beforehand. What are the Benefits of the Tea? When To Drink? Your email address will not be published. USE PROMO CODE - BFCM. A cup of genmaicha contains GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) and theanine which soothes your mind. This tea contains EGCG that will help your body burns the fat faster. Selenium deficiency may cause your thyroid to secrete too many or too few hormones, which can lead to poor vision, fatigue, or sleeping problems. The Benefits Timeline of Quitting Caffeine and Tips to Do It, How to Make Garlic Tea? 2 Best Alternatives of How to Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker. Another problem also arises if you have a lower tolerance of caffeine in still drink this tea. Take a look at the following studies: General Green Tea Health Benefits. How to Prevent This? Genmaicha tea with sencha Best Genmaicha Teas to Try You'll know a lot of interesting facts on how you will get a flavor that best suits you. Reduces Bloating and Improves Digestion. This fragrant genmaicha has a refreshing aroma of rice and toasty taste with a hint of sweetness. Steep the mixture for approximately three minutes before transferring your drink to your favorite mug. Your email address will not be published.