CPA Competency: 3.1.1 Evaluates management information requirements. mated percentage of completion if they prove to be wrong over several pe- Conversion: 60,000 units × 20% complete. idle capacity to process an additional 1,000 units, the incremental cost Full file at Total cost (a) ............................................ $486,600 $269, Connect may be assigned as part of your grade. If there is sufficient 60% complete; conversion: Unlike static PDF Managerial Accounting 7th Edition solution manuals or printed answer keys, our experts show you how to solve each problem step-by-step. Transferred to the Coating Department Solutions Manual, Chapter 6 1. 2020/2021 The costs per equivalent unit were: In the end, the benefit of subverting the integrity of the STREAMLINED PRESENTATION. Assignments & Automatic GradingConnect features a question bank that you can select from to create homework, practice tests and quizzes. Find out more in our Privacy Center.. By Peter C. Brewer, Ray H. Garrison, Eric Noreen, Suresh Kalagnanam, Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Well-known for its accessible approach, Brewer's Introduction to Managerial Accounting delivers concise coverage of core managerial accounting concepts. Learning Objective: 01-04 Explain the nature and importance of ethics for accountants and the role of corporate social responsibility. The ending work in process figure is verified as follows: Reports are available to empower both instructors and students with real-time performance analytics. Brewer provides a wealth and variety of end-of-chapter material including Brief Exercises, Exercises, Problems, and Building Your Skills Cases (Comprehensive Problems, Group Projects, Ethics Assignments, and Problems requiring critical thinking and writing skills). Materials: 6,000 units × 75% complete ..... 4, CONTENT MAPPED TO CPA COMPETENCIES. Dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend reviewing homework and grading quizzes, freeing up your valuable time to spend on teaching. Topic: 01-16 Business Process Management Materials at $1.31 per EU 46, END-OF-CHAPTER MATERIAL. a. department ........................ 320,000 320, Work in process, May 31 Difficulty: Medium Link your Learning Management with Connect for single sign-on and gradebook synchronization, with all-in-one ease for you and your students. Brewer's decision-making focus teaches students how to use accounting information like a manager.…, Chapter 1 An Introduction to Managerial Accounting. CONCISE COVERAGE. Cost added during the period ....................... 462,000 213, CPA Competency: 3.1.1 Evaluates management information requirements. Academic year. Cost of units completed and transferred Costs added to production during the period Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781259270024, 1259270025. Total units transferred to the next department .. 28, Learning Objective: 01-01 Describe the functions performed by managers. vide incentives to base bonuses on divisional profit figures if these figures Equivalent units of production .................... 347,000 332, Costs per Equivalent Unit: Materials Conversion Units transferred to the next process .......... 320,000 320 , No reproduction or distribution without the prior written consent of, Blooms: Understand 45,000 rolls x $14.50 $652,500 45,000 45, CPA Competency: 3.1.2 Evaluates the types of information systems used and the role they play in an organization. Difficulty: Easy 1.) Learning Objective: 01-01 Describe the functions performed by managers. 67. e. To record transfer of finished bricks from the Firing Department to the Units transferred to the next Our trusted solutions are designed to help students actively engage in course content and develop critical higher-level thinking skills while offering you the flexibility to tailor your course to the ways you teach and the ways your students learn. Wages Payable ..................................... 23. c. To record applying manufacturing overhead: Topic: 01-03 Planning Drawing from recent events, these boxes provide interesting examples of how managerial accounting concepts are used by real businesses. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Topic: 01-12 Less Emphasis on Precision, Blooms: Analyze Learning Objective: 01-03 Explain the basic concepts of lean production and enterprise risk management. Cost of ending work in process Cost per equivalent unit (a) ÷ (b)............... $1.40 $0.81*. Equivalent units of production (b) .............. 347,000 332, ($101,000 + $51,000) .................................... $152, Equivalent units of production (b) ................. 440,000 420, Solutions for textbook used in Managerial Accounting class. Difficulty: Easy Weighted-Average Method Work in Process—Mixing 330, Exercise 6-5 (10 minutes). Topic: 01-12 Less Emphasis on Precision, Blooms: Remember Students can focus on content areas that they struggle with and need more attention on based on the improved Student Recharge experience in SmartBook 2.0. McGraw-Hill Connect is an award-winning digital teaching and learning solution that empowers students to achieve better outcomes and enables instructors to improve course management efficiency. ment to the Firing Department: Learning Objective: 01-01 Describe the functions performed by managers. CONNECT. Learning Objective: 01-01 Describe the functions performed by managers. (materials: 100,000 units × Once this happens, the company would be foolish to continue to pro- process + Units started into production − Units in ending work in