Heavy hitting sidearm that is definitely worth a try. Handheld Supernova goes a long way to address that however, especially with Contraverse Hold. That may just be my gunskill with a sidearm and there being a learning curve, but it just feels "off.". No kidding. Overflow is AMAZING. I think it can roll with opening shot too and I know that perk goes well with the fighting lion. I mean I didn’t say it was going to be like the best primary in the game, I just said it feels amazing and fun to use due to the synergy from two interesting perks that’s all, You clearly never tried a full auto sidearm with rampage (on PC) My favourite primary for PvE in close quarters. Even with an Icarus Grip mod, I find it to be very inaccurate in air. Is this a kinetic? I've been using it in Crucible quite a bit and pairing it with Getaway Artist. I've got full auto, opening shot. I recommend going for tap the trigger. Contrast-Focused Umbral Engram Focused Umbral Engram, Legendary A Focused Umbral Engram containing either the Lonesome Sidearm or the Bad Omens Rocket Launcher. The thought is to get aerial advantage, let my Sentient Arcsoul do some chip damage, and melt them with Lonesome. this brings the total with overflow to 38 rounds, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. Press J to jump to the feed. If nova warp had its nerf dialed back slightly, I might just be inclined to use this thing in PvP, very well put. I’ve had it in my vault a Lonesome sidearm and it was my very first drop from the quest from the drifter with the update. Another Traveler themed weapon, this arc energy sidearm is an adaptive frame gun. A Focused Umbral Engram containing weapons favored by the Drifter. Game materials copyright Bungie. I think it's the "boys" in the opening line and a "nasty" thrown in there for good measure. Definitely gonna stay in my inventory for sure. That’s 30 rounds in a semi automatic sidearm, which is awesome. Feels good on a warlock and amazing on a titan. Drang Baroque is definitely a good one. *Energy sidearm. So just be cognizant of that. On my roll I have kill clip so I am able to 3 tap that brings it into last word territory in a 0.5 ttk. A++. Let me tell you boys, lately with the upcoming changes near the end of the month I’ve been trying some different combos. Its strength lies primarily in its great perk pool, including all … And for pve a quick draw/rampage to pair … It's greatness. Too bad Swashbuckler probably doesn't work with Rampage spec. Pairs beautifully with a range roll erentil or sniper. It features a 3-round burst fire with some good perks. I got one with multi kill clip but it is not curated, putting backup mag gives you +4 rounds. Really good in pve too. Version Log Season 12 … Welcome to Destiny Reddit! One of my favourite weapons to run as a my cqc "Jump into your face" loadouts. Still completely viable as a kinetic option, plus it sounds baller. (I usually play defensively with those, backpedaling and shooting), Opening shot usually helps in close quarters, It plays similarly to last word so I’d suggest a mid to long range complimentary weapon if you want to play defensively, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CruciblePlaybook community. If you start the engagement with the melee, it will knock your opponent back and make it easy to follow up with Lonesome. I actually like the potential random rolls much better. It’s an overall reliable gun. Rapid hit and multikill clip is just about the perfect roll for the gun IMO. One of the most solid sidearms in the game. I looove sidearms! That’s 30 rounds in a semi automatic sidearm, which is awesome. Well, unfortunately this gun requires a LOT of accuracy, you aren't going to get any help really from aim assist it feels. I would not recommend using it with Chaos Reach. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. They are basically shorter range handcannons with much higher damage potential, however their aim assist within their weapon type is just so bad that you can't score headshots even if you aim directly at anyone's head in pvp. Even if the weapon is not being actively used, say you have your special out and you step over a special brick, when you whip out that Sidearm you will have 30 in the mag. It’s beastly. Mine has 82 range with multi kill clip, zen moment, ricochet rounds, smallbore. Love sidearms and they’re the only thing I use, but also only run them with fighting lion. The problem is that with a Sidearm you typically want to bait out the shotgunners. Weapon Stats: Impact: … Sidearms are very underrated for pve content. Bungie has not endorsed and is not responsible for this site or its content. If you're dead set on using sidearms then a must-have perk on them is tap the trigger because it applies the buff to every trigger pull and makes a huge difference. ), It’s a precision frame so the recoil is very manageable console wise. It kills WAY farther than expected very consistently, 2 head+2 body shots with no damage buffs is a 0.7 ttk. Special refers to the ammo type. Yes it is! The nice part about starting the engagement with the melee though is that they can't double melee you back because they get knocked back. To get the most out of this weapon, Full Auto Trigger System and a damage perk—usually Kill Clip or Multikill Clip—will make this … (Some have said swachbuckler is nasty on it if you have a x5 stack, but it’s very risky in PVP. Destiny 2 is a registered trademark of Bungie. I’m in the same boat. Which sounds okay at first glance. I appreciate the analysis! The melee is actually VERY strong, and it pairs perfectly with this sidearm. CruciblePlaybook is a subreddit for discussing strategies and techniques for Destiny's Crucible. I’ll need to try in PvP. If you start with Lonesome you will finish with the melee and you will get some health and ability recovery from the Dark Matter perk, as well as Swashbuckler x5. For Warlocks, we all know melee is a point of concern. Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below. I don’t have exact numbers at the moment, will double check, but the damage without stacks (to a red bar psion in the EDZ) was about 543 per shot, while with all 5 stacks it was about 947 per shot. Hits like a truck and sounds good as hell.