As for Kirby I don't understand why he should be any lower. he can also make shields Kirby can only break through with Super Abilities, so Waddle Dee couldn't make it past his first form. he aided in the defeat of Magolor. the only reason he lost was because he swallowed his staff before their fight. That's why he's above Kirby, he may not be able to beat Kirby, but he is more powerful than him. In planet robobot, it’s hinted in the pause screen that the only reason kirby was able to defeat star dream is because haltmann’s soul was fighting back, stopping star dream from unleashing it’s full power. he can cut a hole in space-time to fire a spatial laser. he can fly faster than Landia, who can fly fast enough to make the stars blur behind it. Previous versions of the list are as follows. How is Marx not S? And sure Kracko can't die, but he surely can't defeat anyone. Void (not Void Termina) should be in a tier of its own. If Magolor decided not to summon Super Ability enemies, he would've won. You can also charge up to briefly fly around the area, horn extended, to spear up to three enemies before slamming them all at once. I do think Spark is a great ability, don't get me wrong (sorry, I don't want to give the impression that it sucks or anything). she would have defeated Kirby had Dedede not shown up to help. in Halberd Mode (piloted by Kirby) it defeated Star Dream and Star Dream Soul OS, and destroyed Star Dream's NOVA form and destroyed its barriers with assistance from Kirby. he can keep up with the Warp Star and in Return to Dreamland's opening. Star Dream said he may destroy a nearby planet or two. the description for the Dedede Clone states that Dedede is "one of the strongest life-forms on the planet,". It's the perfect little sub...if you like that sort of thing. Kirby, GK, The Ancients, and T H E B U T T E R F L Y are all stronger. hes unaffected by Dark Matter's presence, which affected Acro on Aqua Star, which had no sign of Dark Matter, as well as Void Termina's mind control. You can grab opponents with your horn, then jump into the air with them, body slamming them into the ground (or into other enemies) or repeatedly hit enemies with your horn. Oh interesting!! He can even summon a whirling vortex to suck up enemies. He has the power to literally DESTROY WORLDS. If you're looking to broaden your Kirby library on the 3DS further, click HERE to find out why you must play Kirby: Planet Robobot. Void Termina -I was tempted to put him in SS Tier because Kirby needed his friends to create the Star Allies Sprinkler and thus, is unable to harm or defeat him without help, but... some of his forms (including his strongest form, Void) can be harmed by Kirby without it. This is seen in the cutscene which happens right after NOVA flies away, Kirby's just sitting there doing nothing. Dark Matter include variants and 0, I put them under Kirby because Kirby can defeat them through love which is all-powerful. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. the dark hearts were able to buff Dedede and Meta Knight, making them stronger than before, and Void Termina is a being composed of all the dark hearts. 63% Upvoted. Planet robobot has the Halberd heavily damage a Nova. Kirby's little red bandana turns him into a melee mater. Sorry for the huge reply, I just love talking about Kirby. She's the one who assembles the Crystal Gun and holds Kirby up to fire at 0^2. And technically it is right it’s like a what if. in Halberd Mode (piloted by Kirby) it defeated Star Dream and Star Dream Soul OS, and destroyed Star Dream's NOVA form and destroyed its barriers with assistance from Kirby. Didn’t gala ya knight kill it in like one swing when he woke up? I would put Waddle Dee in S Tier for defeating a bunch of Kirby's, but the only thing I could find about how strong they are is some blurbs advertising the game and a single quote from Dedede. he can shoot fire out of the ground, send down lightning strikes and create and control tornadoes. I came here looking for an explanation lol. The Smash Back Room tier list has changed many times since its inception. He's also a master of potions, pouring chemicals between different vials to create a healing medicine, put enemies to sleep or create a powerful bang. He is also described at better at fighting of the hands from rainbow curse than Kirby is in a pause screen. Welcome to /r/Kirby, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. When he charges up, he can even become a mass of six swirling Kirbys that are tough to take down. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. said imperfect clone pushed Star Dream, a reality warping supercomputer, to its limits. I wanted to use a legit tier list website but it kept messing up, so I just said fuck it and made my own on google docs ;-; is this with or without weapons? with the help of Elline drawing rainbow ropes, unpetrifying Kirby and turning him into Rocket Kirby, he was defeated. the pause description for the Star Allies Sprinkler also mentions he is a threat to the entire galaxy. Star Dream calls him one of the strongest warriors of Popstar and was also unable to make a perfect clone of him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Zero/02 -I was tempted to put him lower, but its likely he can only be harmed with positive emotions (Luv-Luv Stick) or the Crystals. Best Match. As for Drawcia, yes Kirby could defeat her by ramming, with help from the player and Drawcia's own Magical Paintbrush. aided in the defeat of Magolor. Kirby -do I even need to explain why he's here? its muthafuckin Kirby! she's also capable of creating a deletion wave that can erase large portions of space. hes defeated Galacta Knight multiple times. He's a force of nature. In addition to being handy for collecting, the whip can also be flung repeatedly at enemies or charged up to lasso an opponent before swinging them around your head in true cowboy fashion. hes defeated Galacta Knight multiple times. he's planet-sized. he was completely unharmed after directly entangling with a sun. I don't mean to be rude, I just want to improve the tier list and like typing/writing a lot, so yeah. cause if it is then susie and haltmann could totally be higher and if it’s without yin yarn would definitely be lower. However, Kirby has been nerfed harshly, losing most of his power, speed and range compared to his appearance in the original Super Smash Bros. his pause description in Triple Deluxe implies he is Meta Knight's equal. I don't know.. Maybe I put Meta Knight too high however, yeah. So stealthy. Kirby was powerless to stop him without the Robobot Armor and the Halberd combined. The parasol can also form a protective barrier that protects against attacks or be used to spear the enemy before spinning them on top of your umbrella like a circus trick. I think Gooey is stronger due to fighting stronger opponents in star allies, which i forgot to add for other characters. Kirby Power Level Tier List. he was likely sealed away and feared by the Ancients, powerful beings who existed long ago and created several incredible artifacts such as the Star Rod, Lor Starcutter, Master Crown and the NOVA's. As cool as these abilities are, we found that extremely difficult to master—hence the low ranking. Dark Crafter -he absorbed the colors of Planet Popstar, turning the entire planet and all of its inhabitants including Kirby into lifeless statues. which is at the edge of the universe. Waddle Dee also did yes, fight off the hands while Kirby couldn't and assist in the defeats of Magolor and Claycia, meaning he can harm characters as powerful as them. Kirby tier list based on power levels. without the help of the player and Drawcia's own Magical Paintbrush, Kirby never would've stood a chance.