Being able to communicate well is one of the most important skills a candidate can have. They test for logic errors and coding flaws, helping to prevent bugs from advancing to the finished product. Here are some technical interview questions and answers from experts in the respective technologies: JavaScript, React.js, AngularJS; Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP; Java, Android, iOS; What Should You Do After the Interview? Junior Software Developers are entry-level coders who assist in the smooth running of the development process while … Example question 2 (longer time frame): Write a function that takes the current position of a knight on a chessboard, and returns a preliminary list of possible moves the knight could make. Is the code simple, or cluttered, bloated, and inefficient? Don’t forget to research the company beforehand! Highlights areas of expertise and possible gaps in knowledge. When interviewing Junior Software Developers, the ideal candidate will have a basic knowledge of popular programming languages, a keen desire to learn new technologies, and the ability to work in a team environment. Plus, because they’re automated, they prevent regressions, where bugs return that had already been fixed. Everyone has their own coding style and every developer or team will have requirements that are specific to their codebase. My advice here would be to pick something that required you to learn something new. Here is a simple programming challenge. Throughout my career, I have interviewed with 20+ companies for junior, senior and lead positions and I would like to share the questions that keep coming up. They should know that algorithms usually fall into the following performance classes: They should also be able to explain why a given operation falls into a particular complexity class. To make the questions easier to follow I have named the company FakeForty2 (which is not a real company!). OOP has been a standard convention for over 20 years and is organized around objects rather than actions, and data rather than logic. What are the responsibilities of a web developer? In my very first blog article, I share my reasons for doing it, if you are looking for some inspiration. Post a Junior Software Developer job to 100 job boards with one submission. Sharing constructive feedback also allows you to share what actions you took afterwards, which can make a very good impression. What programming languages do you use? From the research I have done, it seems that is best to mention a range that you would like to earn within a year, with your desired salary at the lower end. On the other hand, if they’re dead-set against a core process of yours, there may end up being too much friction for them to stay productive. Some firms avoid OOP and prefer to use a functional programming (FP) language such as Clojure. Do you consider unit testing essential, or a waste of time? Our editorial staff will review it shortly. If they are really pushy, you could admit that you don’t feel comfortable disclosing it or that you are not allowed to, as your current employer wouldn’t want you to share it either! Ensure it is the right job for you by asking these questions, Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost? If you're hiring a developer, make sure you act quickly. An API tells programmers how to automate a product—anything from web apps like Twitter all the way down to Windows itself. Either way, I think it’s important to emphasise that compromising on quality makes software more difficult to change and ultimately slows down future feature work. However, it still gets too technical in that it has to have an aside to define OSes, which the audience may not be familiar with. 4 min read. Junior Software Developers are entry-level coders who assist in the smooth running of the development process while improving their design skills. Knowing how a developer feels about agile development can help you understand how they will fit into your own process. Be wary of candidates who lack organizational skills and anyone who cannot follow strict instructions. Junior Software Developers assist the Software Development Manager and design team with basic coding tasks, test procedures, and information retrieval. This question should give you insight into the candidate’s overall contribution to the project, their management skills and how they work with a team, as well as their interaction with project management and other stakeholders. Throughout my career, I have interviewed with 20+ companies for junior, senior and lead positions and I would like to share the questions that keep coming up. I usually have a lot and try to ask them during the interview so it doesn’t seem too one-sided. To avoid answering it, you could say: “I would prefer not to say”. Application Developer Interview Questions, Junior Software Developer Job Description. This is an opportunity for FakeForty2 to get to know what impression they have made outside of the company and it also allows them to fill any gaps in your knowledge. Open-minded developers that are also able to see flaws in how agile processes have been run can provide valuable feedback to help your team’s methodology grow and evolve. Find top software developers today. Explain how you contributed to its success and how you handled any obstacles you may have run into. This is not only an opportunity for you to share your strengths through the positive feedback you have received but also an opportunity to build trust by sharing constructive feedback you have received. What happened? It shows simply whether they can write code or not, and how experienced they are. 7 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers . Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Do they follow test-driven development (TDD) or behavior-driven development (BDD), or are unit tests something they tack on afterward for the sake of process conformance or mere appearances? I would recommend thinking about how (and when) you would like to answer this question. What has your experience been like as part of an agile software development process, if any? It is ever-present and it is very unlikely a candidate would not have run into it at some point. Effective code reviews often have checklists. How familiar are you with object-oriented programming (OOP)? How would you explain APIs to non-technical stakeholders? Talk about a time when you had to make a critical decision during production. I always regret not doing it. Example question 1 (shorter time frame): Write a function to compute the Nth Fibonacci number. At the end of the day. Being prepared to answer these 10 essential engineering interview questions will give you a great head start. Below is a limited list of general suggestions you could consider including: But more important than which exact points a candidate brings up is their reasoning for doing so. Highlights the candidate’s skillset and reveals areas that would require improvement. Giving candidates a simple programming challenge may seem trivial, but it’s useful for several reasons: What do you think are the most important aspects to pay attention to when reviewing another team member’s code? For example, if you would like to earn 50 000 a year you could say: “I would like to earn between 50 and 55”. To make the questions easier to follow I have named the company FakeForty2 (which is not a real company!) Communication is one thing, but it would be a definite red flag if your candidate’s answer wasn’t even correct! This question naturally comes towards the beginning of the interview. In average cases, merge sort and heap sort will demonstrate similar performance while they will both outperform bubble sort. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the fundamentals of big-O algorithmic complexity analysis.