Loosely based on a California roll recipe, mine contained crab sticks, cucumber, avocado and wasabi. A simple but slightly more edgy snack, here are some wasabi peas with a simple classic. Oh wait, I’m glad they don’t. Perfect for a burger such as a sticky, spiced burger flavoured with lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce and the like. Extremely simple, but very tasty, here is some lightly pickled baby beetroot. Category: Savoury nibbles & canapés Bean burgers & “falafelesques” A rustic recipe, but no less tasty for its homeliness I think, the mixture, using butterbeans as the key protein, is great whether shaped as burgers or into balls as a homage to falafels. We signed up and were provided with this tantalising menu. Grilled for about 4-5 minutes on each side they went well with a drink, although I need to practise my barbecue skills. Please enter your email address below and click "Follow Phil's Home Kitchen". Continue reading “Aubergine & onion pakoras with roasted cumin salt”, Sweetbreads might be one of those “love them or hate them” foods, but pan-fried and finished with a lemony butter sauce, served with caramelised onions, they are a real treat. Continue reading “Fresh tomato & basil tartlets (gluten-free, dairy-free)”. Melon & prosciutto skewers are perfect served with bubbly for a fabulous start to your Christmas party. I also made some smaller cucumber maki, also with seaweed butter. You can just eat the cooked coral on its own (I did; and I felt no guilt) or you can serve them separately with toothpicks and the dipping sauce. Continue reading “Harissa chickpea flour flatbreads”, The joys of Har Gow: transluscent steamed dumplings, with a pork and prawn filling. Use good-quality chickpeas to give this vegan hummus a really silky feel. But savoury scones are also very exciting both to make and to eat. Luxury hummus. Probably not. Easy Festive Canapes with Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano: It is coming up to that time of year. It goes very well with a fiery ginger martini. Tasty recipes from a Home Cook (incorporating Baking Fanatic), A rustic recipe, but no less tasty for its homeliness I think, the mixture, using butterbeans as the key protein, is great whether shaped as burgers or into balls as a homage to falafels. My friends who normally make fun of me for serving what they term “alien food” said they were surprised to find it quite nice. You can see the recipe for these chilled scallops with paprika, seaweed-butter and lime canapés here. Starters & Canapés: Melon & Prosciutto skewers. Serve with a few other canapés and lots of bubbly/cocktails for a great start to your party. Here is a late-night martini I served with some chocolate-covered almonds. And our first sunset of the year enjoyed from the garden. Vegan . Ideal for when you have lots of mouths to feed 40 mins . It can also be used to top cooked food such as potatoes or fish. They’re a delicious and fairly substantial snack. The latter was my favourite, with its surprising, light textures. Continue reading “Thai fish cakes”, Tender, spiced chicken pieces in soft flat breads, bursting with lettuce, red onion and a tangy yoghurt dressing, these are incredibly easy to make and are so tasty. They can be made ahead and frozen, to be steamed straight from the freezer. Prawn toast scotch eggs Two of your favourite nibbles are combined in one crunchy, crispy, gooey-in-the-middle snack with Ravinder Bhogal’s prawn toast scotch eggs. Did I mention the oyster, abalone and lettuce ravioli in a dashi stock? Easy Festive Canapes with Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano: It is coming up to that time of year. Comparable to ceviche is the Japanese dish shime saba (lightly pickled mackerel) here served with some very rustic but tasty ritz crackers and guacamole (I mashed an avocado with coriander/cilantro, salt, pepper, tomato purée, garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice). We’ve turned cauliflower cheese into an impressive party canapé. Simple but effective. This sweet popcorn went quite nicely with an after-dinner espresso martini. ), Simple fennel breadsticks – focaccia-style, Spiced lamb & pistachio rolls with spiced pastry, Easy seeded flatbreads with sun-dried tomato hummus, Easy ham, cheese & mustard croissant whirls, How to rescue a curdled buttercream/frosting (with video), Gougères & other fabulous savoury choux bites, How to make spiced prawn crackers from scratch, Luxury orange shortbread mince pies with a macaroon topping, Steamed buns incl. salt, large eggs, Italian seasoning, almond flour, grated Parmesan cheese and 5 more Sweet & Savory Cheese Canapes Celebrations at Home cream cheese, French baguette, bacon, dried apricots, chopped pecans and 1 more Cook for about 40-50 seconds on one side (or at least until that side starts to brown – as in the above image) then turn over. I’m very pleased to report that Ko and Gerry will be resident at the Cuckoo pub in Islington from the new year so be sure to check out their food and stay up to date with their work here! I usually like them served as simple as they come. I love the classic combination of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil in these bite-size appetizers. The only thing I would recommend to the Mermaid Inn is that the management make more of their martinis on the menu. Absolutely amazing. Kimchi is a Korean dish consisting mostly of pickled cabbage with chillies. Italian starter recipes. When the time comes spread some seaweed butter onto a ritz cracker, or better still some miniature blini. on Confit garlic: a must-have ingredient! Otherwise, if you’re having a martini at home and fancy trying some more unusual snacks and appetisers have a go at some of these. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Finally though, the most classical martini snack will always remain the pitted green olive. When it comes to texture, is there anything better than deep frying? Luckily, it does work and it is now one of my go-to dishes for buffets and the like. Just as we are all really busy shopping for the perfect presents, preparing for Christmas lunch and cleaning the house ready for the Mother in Law to appear, we decide to have friends round for drinks and canapes. Crispy arancini risotto balls with a soft and gooey mozzarella, pancetta and watercress centre. add up to give what I think is a lovely few bites. Here is some shime saba (pickled mackerel) nigiri served in Yo!Sushi (a British-born Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant). And these do not taste at all as if they are limited flavour-wise. They are also very easy and as customisable as you want. Pat dry then place in the freezer for about 45 minutes then slice into bite-size pieces and serve immediately with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. I then wok-fried some mustard seeds and threw in the noodle-nut mixture when the seeds started to pop. )”, on Croissant-wrapped sausage rolls (croissage rolls! Bitter melon or cucumber lends itself well to stuffing, its tender, succulent flesh complemented by a savoury filling.” – Ken Hom. What a treat! Continue reading “Pan-fried sweetbreads in a lemon, garlic & caper sauce”. I made wild mushroom arancini during the quarter-final of Britain’s Best Home Cook, which got great comments from the judges. Inspired by the Yumi selection I made some grilled courgette skewers at home. I took 300g butter (I chose lighter Lurpak) and mixed it throughly with a generous punch of salt and three crumbled sheets of nori seaweed. to help give you the best experience we can.