Noona Apr 10 2020 5:29 am I love you oppa, ur really amazing u made me cry in d movie, I love the way u act. daebakkkk.... Lina Mar 01 2014 7:32 pm kim soo hyun is just so adorable!..handsome face plus excellent acting skills plus good voice, what else can a girl would ask for! Always dreamimg of you :). !You're so daebak.. Miss you so much. Waiting for a drama collaboration of him and park shin hye. And super love all of his Drama and Movies. he can touch the viewers heart! Birthcare Center (tvN) Tluagpuii Jan 30 2014 8:26 am } But i really love this drama idea and best of actor and actress. I'm gonna be so dad when ur gone for 2+ years. If I ever get to meet him in person, I would probably faint of happiness OR not be able to speak properly <3 ^^ <3 KIM SOO HYUN SARANGHAE~~! Then I try to watch your every movies. pariya Mar 15 2015 12:46 pm Sure it will be a big hit in korean drama for this generation. Do You Like Brahms? saranghae, i love you and i really like everything about you. Do you know?? U are great keep it up, Dechen Lhamo Jul 29 2014 2:42 am Kim soo hyun oppa.i'm from sri lanka. soo hyun, I'm a fan you.I really attractive you in my love from the are a great actor seen in my life.Merry Xmas for u. I like you so much. "bato bato sa langit, tamaan wag magalit", MS.ENGLISH Oct 08 2012 7:03 pm Sarah Feb 23 2013 7:32 am K dramas is going to bring me to Seoul someday. have nice time. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. A great fan of his from Singapore, Sen Jun 25 2015 5:47 am Morrrrgy Nov 02 2016 6:11 am SARANGHAEEE, luvtkj Mar 19 2011 2:32 am And all the best for your future ?.❤ you???? Do Min Joon, kereeeeeeen! Yabu Apr 02 2014 7:36 am Rose Aug 28 2014 1:35 pm The best!!! Kim ...I wish to see you one day...Wish to visit to Myanmar are one of the most crazy actor, Jm May 19 2014 6:21 am He can portray any role,there's nothing that he's not capable of. Please! No matter where you are how far u are my only regret is to see u in real in my life . Since Kim Soo Hyun and Park Shin Hye're from the same university, perhaps they should work on some projects together. Hey !how are you my oppa!you are a great actor.I like yourdramas moon embracing the sun and my love from the star. Hello Soohyun.. i.m really happy your back on small and big screen. I can’t wait for him to totally loose control which he will sooner than later cos the pretty female lead is not smiling at all and is always upping her games…. sarah Feb 16 2014 5:02 am I think it would be an amazing and success drama! Loved my love from another star! Iwatch you in the moon embracing the sun and even in my love from the star. Kimi you're doing a really good job in The producers, you're truly a versatile actor able to pull off perfectly differents roles, going from a rightheous king to cold alien and now a shy PD wahou! really loved the film and the casts are also really good at what they do,learnt alot from the movie 'the moon embraces the sun'. I wish u success in dramas to come. so use it on your bright future Hope to see you smile more! From dream high up to my love from the star, you're still amazing! lou Mar 07 2014 3:24 am ksh love Mar 07 2015 11:22 pm You should make a comeback every year haha I mean 5 years is too long bro. Happy Birhday Kim Soo Hyun!!! Hope we can meet asap. What happened!!! I love you more than myself. Angel Jul 24 2015 6:47 pm I found another rare (nowadays) human traits in him and that is FILIAL. really fall in love ready with Kim Soo Hyun ..1st time saw him just in variety programs RUNNING MAN ,but after watch his drama MY LOVE FROM THE STARS..i come addict to him ready haha...he very talent,cute ,adorable,smart,handsome ..hope when i go Korea hope much i can meet him ..;).sarangdaa <3, MILDRED DOKU Feb 03 2014 7:09 pm I can't get enough of the story.. :D I hope there would be a drama like TMTETS and Kim Soo Hyun will also be the king... he's acting is great.. :)), kannika Aug 09 2012 6:07 am I wish I could see more fairy like fantasies starring this gorgeous Kim soo hyun. its very great film :), razz Jul 09 2011 8:59 pm I like you with every actress but I don't know why I can't saw any chemistry with Suzy in dream high ... brother fighting n in future plz do with park shin hye n yona unnis, ksh love Dec 20 2015 1:27 am I hope one say they cab be close. I wonder when you will make a fan meeting in malaysia? You're a cool actor though I wonder why you have that frozen brooding face all the time. So charismatic!! madhu Dec 17 2015 9:16 pm I was totally blown away by this drama series. oppaaa miss you soooo much .can't wait to see you in a drama. i wish will meet you Kim Soo Hyun...... ({}). I love you kim soo hyun!! I really, really hope there will be a 2nd chapter soon! Do Min Joon! your so good, and handsome lead star that i watch ever., in the love from the star, you catch my attention ,by watching you.