That said, if you want to select an influencer that is in a more defined niche, you will probably have to do some digging. Compared to a traditional print or television ad, influencer marketing leverages word-of-mouth. By providing their own personal endorsement, the influencer essentially lends the credibility that they have already built with their audience. On one end, you can generate the content yourself and have the influencer simply share it on his or her social media channels. Focusing on building your tribe, so to speak, through influence marketing is a great way to create brand loyalty for your current and future products. We can also help you bring your own platforms and social media up to scratch for a better customer experience once they engage in your brand. While you certainly can use influencer marketing at any point in time, you will likely generate more ROI if you are strategic. From social strategy, creative campaign design and influencer sourcing, to execution and analytics reporting, we ensure that your business enjoys the full potential of influencer marketing. So once you have decided that you may want to pursue an influencer marketing campaign, there are several key decisions to make. With a profound experience in influencer marketing and high-profile influencer collaborations, we will curate the most effective campaigns with creative and authentic storytelling to engage and activate audiences globally. Among the leading social networks in Singapore, WhatsApp is the most popular (with a 73 percent penetration rate), followed by YouTube (71 percent), Facebook (70 percent), and Instagram (44 percent). inBeat influencer marketing agency allows brands in Singapore to leverage the North American and European markets. If you are more creative, you can generate an alternative incentive payment for your influencer, whether that is providing free products to the influencer or simply recognizing them on your website or social media feeds. Finally, you will need to decide on a way to compensate for the influencer. On the other side, the influencer can use his or her own creativity to generate the content and then share it on social media. Ideally, the influencer will respond to your message and you will proceed from there. They are outlined below: One of the most critical parts of your influencer marketing campaign is having a clear understanding of why you want to use influencer marketing at this point in time. Campaign: Inviting 6 Australian and Singaporean influencers, consisting of a mixture of travel and lifestyle faces to increase the popularity of the luxury hotel INTERCONTINENTAL PERTH. This also lowers your cost per acquisition. The Asia Collective is a Singapore Influencer Marketing Agency, developing global travel and lifestyle campaigns. Influencer marketing companies are managing tens of thousands of influencers around the country. We have Some examples include: Zalora is one of the largest online fashion retailers in Asia. With a deep knowledge of branding, a unique eye for aesthetics and skills to produce high-quality content and copywriting that pops, The Asia Collective is now imparting their digital marketing expertise to teach other brands the key to success in the digital landscape. If you want your digital campaign to be seen, The Asia Collective is your one-stop Influencer Marketing Agency for premium and cost-effective destination campaigns. Millennials are especially active on social media platforms, with 50 percent of Singaporean Millennials commenting on or liking a friend’s post every day. There are 4.9 million total Facebook users in Singapore and more than 4 million total YouTube users. This is just a small sampling of well-known influencers in Singapore. Someone else—a person that has already built up their credibility with their audience—is vouching for your product. Campaign Giveaway: A Singapore based influencer together with The Asia Collective’s social media channels were engaged for a giveaway to increase Karma Resort’s social following and brand awareness. If you want to directly reach out to the influencer, you will want to connect through the influencer’s social media channel(s). 96 percent of Singaporeans own at least one social media account and spend a daily average of two hours and 27 minutes on social media. Influencer marketing blossomed from the emergence of social media platforms, whose popularity gave rise to a number of well received content creators–who we know as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influencers! Specifically, Adlina Anis sells items like scarves and shawls that are made by hand in a workshop owned by the company. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions. First, influencer marketing presents your product or service in a different way. This is difficult to replicate in traditional advertising. It allows you to tap into an audience that you may not have necessarily targeted in traditional marketing campaigns. We’re talking about influencer marketing. Some of the top brands that Zalora carries include Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Hollister, and Under Armour. Once you have an idea of one or several influencers that you would like to use, you will then need to reach out and start a dialogue. Those higher profile influencers will also likely cost more money to hire than someone who has less of a mass following. Campaign Shoot: Australian fashion giant FOREVER NEW engaged The Asia Collective to source the ideal destination location to shoot their new collection with Australian model Georgia Gibbs being the face of the campaign. WHO WE ARE. Our team of influencer marketing ninjas has built 13,000+ collaborations with micro-influencers for online brands from different sectors. If you are concerned about protecting the presentation of your product or service, you’ll likely want to take more control. While there are a number of tactics that you can select to target those customers, one strategy has become increasingly popular in recent years. At the moment of your launch, you can select an influencer to speak about your new product or service to a curated group of fans. Influencers have created an audience of individuals who often have similar interests. Less is more when it comes to a strategically targeted audience. Meanwhile, all the rest – influencer assessment, price negotiation and reporting – will be covered by … It sells over 50,000 products ranging from skirts and dresses, sneakers and slippers, sportswear, and watches. Influencer marketing can help spread word-of-mouth and generate buzz about your products or services. In addition to being a Singapore Influencer Marketing Agency, is one of Asia’s leading online travel and lifestyle magazines, inspiring our affluential audience daily with aspirational content and spot-on recommendations.