There are many plants that cure ailments naturally, without the use of commercial products. Losing weight is not about getting closer to the photoshopped pictures of girls on the covers of fashion magazines. To enjoy guava leaves slimming effect, try the first available option, guava leaf tea. And perform bad cholesterol levels reduction. You just need to know how to make use of them. After too much consumption of anything may case some side effects, so you just need some attention when you are trying to follow any diet.But you want to prevent side effects then you will get some reliable information about that carefully. Here we have described some side effects by consuming a longer and larger amount of guava leaves for the purpose of belly fat burn. Here You will learn about preparing guava leaves for weight loss And their health benefits by nutrients like antioxidant properties, antiseptic, fiber, and vitamins. Drinking guava leaves tea regularly and it surely promotes weight loss by suppressed appetite. You know they are very effective than other extract teas. Surely, you should not take the guava leaves in any forms if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Vitamin C helps boost immunity levels and protect against normal infections. If you combine the usage of guava tea with doing sports, you will notice the result in an extremely short period of time. Can guava cure diabetes? READ ALSO: Lime and pregnancy: What is the effect? Many people often mistake thirst for the sense of hunger and start eating when they simply should have drank some water. Guava leaves getting popularity as their numerous health benefits. The leaves have some amazing properties that work as natural weight loss herb. Regulating blood pressure is useful for hypertension patients. It doesn’t matter how much you eat. You can drink this tea every day, three to four times a day. To enjoy guava leaves slimming effect, try the first available option, guava leaf … READ ALSO: 7 amazing health benefits of bitter kola. No, it’s not true guava leaves extract also gives the same health benefits. Guava leaves use mainly used for weight loss and additionally, we get a lot of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and antibacterial properties that give excellent health benefits like the fight against common infections. And it is recommended to drink twice a day only. Guava leaves contain quercetin which inhibits the formation of fat cells and Catechin which has fats burning effects in the body.. Guava leaf tea … Step3: Take the powder on to the stow and boil them with 2 glasses of water in low flame for 10 minutes until they get a light red color. Guava contains the right amount of potassium (417g) and sodium thereby improve the levels of the body. There’s a mistake opinion that you need to consume 1,000 calories while in average a person eats 2 to 3,5 thousands per day, depending on the weight, gender, and physical activities. Sometimes it’s necessary to help the body and boost its slimming possibilities. Not only do guava leaves relieve pain in the mouth, but a guava leaf can be ground up and used as a toothpaste to relieve sensitivity, as well as cure bad breath associated with gingivitis. And also tea lowers the heart-related diseases by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Weight Loss: Top 12 High Protein Vegetarian Foods To Add Your Diet, How To Eat Walnuts With Best Methods, Health Benefits, How To Eat Avocado To Get All Crucial Nutrition Benefits And Tips, Top 10 High Protein Fruits You Need Include Our Diet, Top 10 High Protein Foods With Low Calories For Weight Loss, 10 Ultimate List Of High Protein Foods With Low fat.