“It’s a conflict that nobody needs. Why is there not appropriate supervision to stop the playground bully from giving others bruises? As with any workplace, sometimes teachers prefer some colleagues to others, or have educational approaches or personalities that don't mix. The problem is that feeling good isn’t the best reason for a confrontation. Help your students understand the value differences between cultures. What’s Your Excuse? And it feels great. “A mental pause is a sign of intelligence. Have you ever gotten into a fight because you were upset about something else? You could get hurt and you could get in trouble. Do not be quick to judge, criticize and belittle your classmates and friends. How to Resolve Conflict by Thinking Win-Win. Not to mention, righteous parental anger can often be chalked up to a failure of empathy and intellect. It all challenges the parental imperative to keep a kid safe and touches off deep and primordial instincts. Here are some tips to help you to avoid conflicts with your peers: Keep friends who are positive, obedient, obey the school rules, do their school work and respect … Avoid loitering on the school compound outside of school hours. If you see a group of kids that look suspicious, don't engage with them. However, getting in a physical fight is not a good way to settle a conflict. What’s bad about violence? It might cost you a few extra minutes to change directions, but it could also help you avoid a fight. You will have other opportunities. Avoid conversations that deal with sensitive issues such as your religion/denomination, people’s appearance, economic situation, political beliefs, etc. Dean of Discipline, Education Minister Urges Diaspora Group to Partner in the Provision of School Buses, MINISTER OF STATE MAKES FIRST SECTORAL DEBATE PRESENTATION, Int’l Partnerships Being Forged to Address Child Abuse, Child Development Agency Gets Mobile Mental Health Unit, Parents Urged to Support JADCO’s Public Education Programme, Gov’t to Partner with Facebook to Broadcast Ananda Alerts, Facebook To Help Jamaica Find Missing Children, Prime Minister’s Youth Awards Returns this Year, More Youth to Gain Work Experience Under GWEP, Portmore Basic School Gets Support Towards Achieving Certification Standards, Jamaica tertiary Education Commission Scholarships, Wolmer’s Boys’ Student Takes Top Prize in ATI Essay Competition, Second Phase of Tablets in Schools Programme to Launch September, Infant Department Opens at Allman Hill Primary and Junior High, Senator Reid to Receive ‘Man of the Decade in Education Award’, Seaga Praised for Creating Heart Trust/NTA, Mocho Primary Students Benefit from Literacy Programme, St. Joseph’s Infant Seeks Support to Meet ECC’s Operating Standards, Rural PATH Students to Benefit from School Transportation, Simplify Early Childhood Teaching, Urges Reid, Principal Looks to Transform Rural St. Andrew Primary School, Knox Community College Making an Impact in Central Jamaica, Caribbean Maritime Institute – Driving the Economic Growth Agenda Through Education and Training, More than 3,000 Athletes at Boys and Girls’ Champs, Gov’t Must Ensure that all Students Have Access to Education – Senator Reid, Education Minister Engages Tertiary Institutions on Affirmative Action, Genesis Academy to Host Spell off on March 29, The Jamaica Library Service Embraces the Use of Technology in its Services, Education State Minister Encourages Stakeholders at Bog Walk High School, Don’t let fees affect students’ education, Green urges schools, Japan Provides $10 Million for Hospitality Training Facility in Hanover, Teachers Urged to Find Creative Ways to Teach Math, ECC Forms Partnership To Help Early Childhood Schools, Students Must be Guided to Choose Careers, The Mico University to Launch Education Conversation Series, Resource App for Young People to Roll Out Shortly, OCA Undertakes Public Outreach and Education Campaign, More Participants in NYS Summer Employment Programme, HEART Merger to Expand Access to Training and Certification, Increased Access to Technology in Public Libraries, Education Minister wants More Students to Pursue Careers in the Sciences, Elevate Youth Festival Takes Place Thursday, Education Minister to Discuss Funding with Tertiary Institutions, JFLL Gets $18.2m Grant from Japanese Gov’t, St. Richard’s Early Childhood Education Centre Expanded, Portmore-Based Genesis Daycare and Learning Centre Certified By ECC, Government To Build Five High Schools Over A Five-Year Period, Education Ministry Ensuring Smooth Sitting Of GSAT, Jamaica House Basic School Gets ECC Certification, Improved Student Performance in GSAT and CSEC, Ja REEACH Stages World Water Day Video Competition, Ministry intensifies measures to improve CSEC Maths passes, Crescent Primary Educator is Mathematics Teacher of the Year, Inmates to Benefit From MOU to be Signed by Security Ministry and JFLL, Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education Week from March 6-10, USAID-Funded Skills Training and Employment Programme to Benefit At-Risk Youth, Jamaicans Should Support and Promote Positive Messages in Music, Early Childhood Commission Looking to Certify 300 Schools by 2019, Early Childhood Commission Helps To Raise Standards Of Basic Schools, Gov’t Committed to Inclusive Education System, JN Project to Use Dancehall in Teaching Maths and Science, $30-Million Scholarship Programme Launched, Parents Urged to Pay More Attention to their Children, CDA Empowers Child-Abuse Victims through ‘Aria’s Story’, Schools Being Provided with Quality Leaders, Inner-City Children to Benefit from GSAT Clinics, Inner-City Youth to Benefit from Internships, Education Minister Pleased with Utilisation of Resources in Schools, Increased Funding for Early-Childhood Institutions, Govt Committed to Addressing School Infrastructure Needs – Senator Reid, Strides Made in Improving Adoption Process, $63 Million to Build Two Early Childhood Schools, Education Minister Welcomes Social Enterprise Study, Ministry Of Education Endorses Stay Alert App, Youth Urged to Delvelop Innovations to Help Solve Society’s Problems, Education Minister says NSC better for Students, Students Urged to Become Developers of Goods and Services, Second Chance for Persons Without Formal Qualifications, Gov’t has Honoured Financial Commitments to Secondary Schools, Apprenticeship a Solution to Youth Unemployment, Low Certification, $56 Million Set Aside to Complete Upgrading Works at UTECH, Education Ministry Working to Develop First-Rate Apprenticeship System, Great Demand for Upskilling and Retooling Programme, Cultural Heritage the Focus for Jamaica Day, $11 Million Allocated for Pilot Project to Strengthen School Feeding Programme, Outstanding Principal Credits School for Award, Education Ministry Meets with Stakeholders Groups on Merger of Training Agencies, Education Gets $5 Billion Increase in 2017/18 Budget, Gov’t Committed to Increasing Payments to Early Childhood Educators, $641M Allocated to Provide Additional Classrooms, Paul Adams is Jamaica Teaching Council’s Outstanding Principal, ECC Urges Parents, Teachers to Keep Children Safe, Gov’t Firmly Committed to Ensuring the Safety of Children – Reid, Full Implementation of National Standard Curriculum this Year, Jamaicans Urged to do More to Protect Children, Gov’t Taking Zero Tolerance Approach to Child Abuse – Green, Merger of Training Agencies to Benefit At-Risk Youth – Senator Reid, Work of Teachers Lauded by Education Minister, Thousands of Students to Take Part in National Careers Week, Education Minister Commends NCB Foundation, Government to Re-establish Leadership of Institutions, State Minister Urges Teachers to Ensure their Safety, Education Ministry Looking at Special Needs Framework, Education Minister to Make Submission for PISA, UNESCO Providing Technical Support to Craft Strategic Plan for Tertiary Education, Empowerment Day for Boys at St. Catherine High School, Education ministry to provide more assistance for Liberty Academy, Education Minister Welcomes New Law School, Education Matters | Education Ministry Partners With Stakeholders To Assist Students Choose Career Paths, Students Urged to Pursue Studies in Non-Traditional Areas, 300 Additional Basic Schools to be Certified by 2019, ECC Standards Have to be Very High – State Minister, More Basic Schools to be Rationalised, Certified this Year, Special Devotion for Mona High Student who Died Jan. 23, Tertiary Graduates to Help Clear Backlog at OCR and CDA, Clifton Boys’ Home wards relocated to better facility, Govt Committed to Providing Opportunity for Continuous Learning, Heart Foundation Urges Jamaicans to Screen for SCA, Public Access to Education for 763,798 Students, Second in Series Upskilling Jamaica Training Courses Gets Under Way Monday, Youth Ministry Appoints Committee Chairman To Oversee CDA, OCR Merger, Special-Education Regional Round Table from January 24 to 26, ECC Receives $20 Million to Assist with Development Of ECIs, Debate on Bill to Give CMI University Status Gets Under Way, Gov’t Increases Funding to Child-Abuse Hotline, State Offering Assistance to Child and Family, Education Ministry, Hocking College partnership yields scholarships, Education Ministry cites new, continuing initiatives to help students, HEART Trust/NTA, National Youth Service Among Learning Agencies To Be Merged, New Jamaica/China exchange programme to include students, teachers, ECC Invites Donations to Help Schools Meet Certification Standards, Lasco Teacher of the Year Passionate About Education, Education Minister Emphasises Importance of CAP, JCTE, HEART-Trust / NTA launch new Occupational Studies degree project, Caribbean Maritime Institute to be Expanded, PM Says Access to Education is an Inalienable Right, Gov’t to Make Significant Investments in the Early Childhood Sector, Revamped Values and Attitude Campaign to Begin in 2017, Effective School Management Requires Principals with Leadership Skills – PM, Education Minister Reiterates Position on School Fees, Every Child will be Given Appropriate Attention – Education Minister, Sixteen Outstanding Youth Leaders Selected for YACJ, Prime Minister Launches Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica, Message from the Honourable Floyd Green Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information - International Students’ Day, National Education Trust Partners with JDETF to Raise US$2 Million, Support for Spanish Town High to Transition from Shift System, Six Inducted into Executive Principals’ League, Cabinet to Consider Proposal For District Constables at Transport Centre, Education Ministry Explores Wellness Programme for Teachers, Countries In Region Urged to Adopt Licensing System for Teachers, Special bus service for students, increased patrols along targeted corridors, Ministry of Education Appoints New Permanent Secretary, Gov’t Increasing Support for Primary Schools, Jamaicans Urged to Protect Youth from Harm, Church Invited to Partner with Education Ministry, Educators Encouraged to Use More Technology, More Funding for Early-Childhood Institutions Next Year, High Schools Adequately Funded – Senator Reid, Education Ministry to Review Student Councils, Wards of the State and PATH Students to Get More Help from Education Ministry, Human Trafficking Added to School Curriculum, Message from Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, in Observance of World Teachers’ Day 2016, Foreign Languages To Be Compulsory Up To Grade Nine, Education State Minister Endorses Stock Market Game, Education Ministry Updates Nation on School Operations and Hurricane Matthew, Parents Urged to Complete GSAT Registration Form, Steady GSAT Pass Rates in Maths and English Over Four Years, Education Ministry Sets Up Corporate Financial Committee, Prime Minister Says More Children Have Access to Education, Math Project for Parents to be Implemented November, Education Minister Pleased with Improvement in Student Behaviour at Transport Centre, Ministry Strengthening Support Systems for Child-Abuse Victims, Education Minister Endorses UNICEF’s Global Goals, Education Curriculum Realigned to Benefit the Youth, Education Ministry Welcomes Study to Improve Performance in Mathematics, Early Disbursement of Funds Results in Smooth Start to School Year, Ministry of Education to Implement Suicide Prevention Strategies, Grooming Standards to be in Place for Academic Year 2017/18, Ministry Partners With JCF to Ensure Students Attend School Safely, 12 More Schools to be Removed from Shift System, Gov’t Spends $800 Million to Procure Textbooks, Schools to be Repaired Before New Academic Year, Gov’t Provides Budgetary Support for All School Operations, Discussions Under Way for CCTV to Link Schools and Transport Centre, Early-Childhood Learners at Acceptable Level, Government Committed to Universal Access to Secondary Education, Education Ministry Receives Furniture from the Joseph Assignment Global Initiative (JAGI), Schools to Get More Money for Maintenance, Gov’t contemplating incentives to keep specialist teachers, Three Top GSAT Students Receive Scholarships, Education Ministry to Address Decline in CSEC Math Passes, Government Committed to Youth Development, UNFPA: Unleash the Power of the Youth, International Youth Day 2016, Joint Statement from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and the United Nations Population Fund for International Youth Day 2016, Show More Love and Care for Children – PM, Schools Agree To Cooperate With Auxiliary Fees Policy, Teachers Must Use Regular Contact with Students to Improve System – Minister Reid, Gov’t Moving to Make Education a Legal Right, Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on the New Funding Arrangements for Schools, Toll-Free Line for Jamaica House Fellowship, Education Ministry To Host School Safety Workshops, Every School Must Have Functional PTA – Senator Reid, Senator Reid Wants More Teachers to be Trained in Special Education, Scholarships for Persons to Teach Mathematics and Science, Teachers Trained for New National Standard Curriculum, Literacy Target Surpassed by Grade 4 Students, CAP Graduates Urged to Seek Employment, Higher Education, Schools Urged to Make Use of GSAT Profiles, Principals Urged to Stick to Registration Fee Guidelines, Teachers Must be Well Trained – Education Minister, Education Key to Country’s Prosperity – Senator Reid, Teacher Training For New Curriculum Starts This Week, Adult Education Deemed Pivotal to Advancing Caribbean Development, Gaps in training needs for workforce being identified, Grade Nine Diagnostic Test to be Introduced 2019, Innovators Urged to Develop Apps to Boost Gov’t Operations, 45,000 Students to Benefit from Entrepreneurship Programme, Phasing out of junior high schools continuing, Youth Encouraged to Include Vocational Education, Education Ministry Releases Fee Guidelines For Public Schools, Schools Urged to Keep Down Registration Cost, Education Ministry to Undertake Major Infrastructural Projects, Education Minister Satisfied With First 100 Days, Prime Minister to Honour 40 Educators on June 23, Ministry Increases Funding to High Schools, Supports Parents’ Contribution, New HEART Trust Board to Target Marginalised Groups, Mainstream Technical Education, National Child Month Broadcast by Hon.