Place the pear strips on the batter. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Looks like this may be blocked by you browser or content filtering. A treasure for people loving cakes…. Let the cake cool 5-10 minutes in the pan, then run a knife around the outside and remove the outer ring. Baked pears are simply divine, especially when combined with some delicious cake. So good. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I like to think that my dad, who is no longer with us, is smiling knowing that the pear tree that he lovingly planted and cultivated all those years is still being enjoyed by family and friends. Beat the egg and sugar in a bowl until well mixed. After 30 minutes, take the cake … Eventually, for a lighter version of that pear cake, pears can simply be steamed instead of being cooked into a syrup… I am sure it would be good. Yesterday i saw beautiful crispy pear lying in the fridge. Oh my this looks scrumdiddlyumptious. Glad you enjoyed it, Morgan and wow, that's a big difference in baking time. Meet the Author: Hi! Strange question, isn’t it for a pastry? I have a fondness for pear cakes. So glad you enjoyed it, Shiela :) Thanks so much! This turned out perfectly! If you want it to be extra yummy.. you could melt some dark chocolate on top. This French cake was easy to make. I am sure it will be a safe bet. Thank you. I didn't have sliced almonds but I had almonds so I chopped them which worked out just fine. Here, I have divided sugar by 2 and it remains sufficiently sweet with the pears…. My daughter sent me this recipe and I made it the other night. It will seem very thin and barely cover the pears. I made this wonderfully elegant cake for the first time this season using pears from a tree my father planted some 40 years ago in our family's garden. Dot with the extra butter, Bake in 180 deg. My toddler thanked me for making him "some yummy cake" and I've already sent the link for this recipe to multiple family members. Scoop out the core with a spoon and remove the stem spine and bottom blossom end. The cake was so light and airy, not overly sweet. We have a Bartlett pear tree and I am always looking for recipes. Place on a baking sheet and set aside. Place cut side down on a cutting board and cut each half in to 1/4-inch-ish slices. I suppose the different pear types would change it some. I will admit I had low expectations because I thought it was weird that the recipe didn’t have any sort of liquid (just the eggs that are kind of liquid) But you proved me wrong! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Beat in the vanilla., Follow Cooking secrets of a French mum on Or vanilla ice cream. To make your own Crème Fraîche at home, in a glass jar or cup, simply combine 1 cup of heavy, 35% b.f. whipping cream with 2 Tbsp well shaken buttermilk. To core the pears, simply cut in half down from just beside the stem. Bake 30 minutes. Cover the saucepan and cook during 15 minutes. Set aside. The cake turned out amazing. So glad you enjoyed it and it came with wonderful memories of your Dad. Side note: I did find it took longer to bake than directed. A delicious baked custard cake, with fresh pear, making for an easy, delicious and pretty Fall dessert. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of all the cookies. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I have been baking since I was a child which means now that I’m 60+ years old I can pretty much tell which recipes will be good simply by reading them. Let stand at room temperature for 12-24 hours (depending on the temperature in your kitchen), until mixture thickens into a creamy, but not stiff mixture. Lovely enjoyed warm with a dollop of Crème Fraîche. We had a huge harvest and I was delighted to have found a great and simple recipe. Top Tip: To quickly and easily line the bottom of a springform pan with parchment paper, simply lay a sheet over the bottom ring, then attach the outer ring over the parchment. Ripe, but still firm pears work best with this cake. Yum. Dot with the extra butter; Bake in 180 deg. Copyright © 2020 Seasons and SuppersAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I made this last night and it was absolutely delicious. A delicious, moist and lightly sweet cake that is more pears than cake. This French Pear Cake has some differences though, as it uses a lighter batter to produce a lighter and airier cake. If you prefer a stronger sweet taste, don’t hesitate to add more v(up to 6 oz i.e. You are Here: Home » Sweet Recipes » French Pear Cake with Crème Fraîche, Sep 7, 2017 | by Jennifer | Last Updated: August 23, 2020. Flavoured with ground almonds and topped with sliced almonds, it's perfect any time of day! It also features a lovely crispy, crackly sugar-dusted topping. The sliced halves should just touch each other in the centre and fan out slightly towards the outside edges. A lovely light pear cake, that's more pear than cake. It's been a while since I made it, but will be sure to test it again to double check the baking time. I'm Jennifer, a home-cook of some 30-plus years. More information in my Privacy Policy. I rarely comment on recipes although I bake mostly from recipes found online. oh wow… a pear cake.. i’ve never had one before to be honest. Hats off to you! This recipe is perfect for this fall and winter time. It’s absolutely delicious. Enter your email and a password below to post your comment and join MoM: You must be logged in as a member to post. So glad you enjoyed it, Charlotte :) Thanks so much! 13 cooksnaps Ingredients. I also used a combination of both Bartlett and red pears, as that's what I had on hand.