She told Hordak about this transmissions location and he sent Catra to find the First Ones tech there. Catra will join up with Horde Prime right away, which will cause a crisis of conscience for Scorpia, but she’ll end up going good and will either 1) end up with Huntara or 2) be instrumental in Catra’s ultimate redemption arc. Despite their short time together, Perfuma was devastated by her "death" and created a statue for her in her honor. While doing this she mentions Hordak as one of the things Entrapta finds most significant in her life. She is always wearing her work attire, consisting of heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, arm covers, a welding mask with red lenses, and a pair of overalls worn like pants. After being trapped in Beast Island for an unknown amount of time, Entrapta is sad hearing Hordak's name. After she saw Entrapta go back for Emily and the door shut behind her, she felt it was best to break away from the alliance, in fear that remaining together would result in vulnerability. Her staff was shown to be rather uncomfortable with her robots as they said they could never get used to them. It's her sympathetic origin story that's totally new. Catra is shocked by this as Shadow Weaver had previously told her that Hordak would never trust her with his plans just like he never trusted her. Catra demands it be made no matter what, and Entrapta hotly refuses, saying that Hordak would understand. I see Catra as the final big bad and last redemption arc. As there is very little information about her past there are many possibilities. What do you think is the Future of Entrapta's character? Entrapta stole Catra's food, then struck up a conversation. Status When realizing she interrupted them she decides to leave but Hordak wishes for her to stay and instead dismisses Catra. Now, in Season 2, she's working for the Horde as their technician, building robots and weapons used to take down the rebel princesses and hoping to discover more about First Ones tech in the process. Entrapta is incredibly hyperactive, cheerful, intelligent, bubbly, and cute. Perfuma had a hard time keeping her on track during Glimmer's rescue, and would often lose her. Alive Hordak and Entrapta glance at each other and both seem to be slightly disappointed that the portal could be completed. She's a member of the Princess Alliance in The Rebellion in the episode: System Failure. She also conceals a number of devices and gadgets on her person, like "any respectable scientist.". During the final battle with Horde Prime, Entrapta is caught and held captive as she watches the war waging on Etheria take place. It could also be Dryl was run by her parents and she was adopted as a child and became a princess. Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Native Kingdom It seemed that she hadn't maintained her hair, the ends appearing filthy from the environment. Entrapta was shown to have a family portrait with two robotic parents. Hopefully, one day Entrapta will see the moral pickle she's in and use her talents to fight for the rebels again. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PrincessesOfPower community. When accused of caring about nothing but technology and not appreciating her friends, she admits she has poor people skills, but thought that if she proved what she could do which technology, people would like her better. Occupation The Princess AllianceSuper Pal Trio (formerly) General Discussion. Entrapta should absolutely leave Hordak far behind her. It's also possible that Entrapta was born as a princess but the King and Queen passed away and she created two parents (maybe based on her birth parents) as she was shown holding a tool in the portrait. EKS was developed using Horde robots mixed with First Ones' technology. share. This caused a lot of concern on the part of Adora, when Catra teased her about her newfound friendship with the Princess of Dryl. Entrapta, who struggles to emote and relate to others, is hanging out with a dictator who abuses his employees, cannot express his own feelings in a healthy way, and doesn't seem to have any friends.