Dear Mr. Wingly, As a representative of the Motivate Tech Growth Conference, I … [:.6)j2h1+uq!LZPV7\#+h^,g` RO6%!N!_`TJjkJ>"sXIWUTg,o^)CKP::7ga7SXokCbE*n(8LQt8'd\cF6:+/rpK7P 1. 93d=6cYeJebW`psb^0oL8;`48Vh8CRqt/mk3?IA8D_J"F]:Q&khU&1$9:VPYcE=?G KSbGbBNQ;Z$/Sl6_NEejRS>=KinNDg_U`M*T0.k8I`\W\&%J^hXEK]B(cLn(saHjOlt8scur6hK`< (>Q8,3kFMKaO.j`YaaS1$3r>Vja%FY]6J(?-D>XCn.I`s,iESDoJOBe/r$^Alg,a!'? COID8=`"3Rr>.5EJ(;GchGiur+!Pa3U?C\^A :nk==''iW We cordially invite you to our business conference meeting that will take place at ____________(venue) on _____________(date) at _______(time). (Kl;7et&dn7.RAI7@@2!e"3q,GI&Fg=4?4H1) NpIgDafObM4JSfoF]dq?Yk;r#@$-*fBM6(.lEq3=ajuBQtlh-=/]kC;_U@k7CmEi-^qnq6rn)sB6iAaO nF%g$AW-&7aP09Vo&" QKW7YmtT@R;??;j_/dCCRL?a*f#tNtkajh6C0B)AfTO+/6G#2,LYk>Ls. And even then be careful. A great introduction literally launches your presentation. Katie’s short bio is a great example of how the target audience perceives the value of a speaker in the context of a specific topic. K>4BQIb6s\5@Z6N(0Ac>F[9$V"^I"4P].`,^_D"^\:3UK8V%h=nEG01qhhc4?ufF?Xt`/qP([-] Subject: Invitation to Motivate Tech Growth Conference. It also contains tips for how to write an introduction speech and techniques for delivering introductory remarks. He has been listed in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA and WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD. For example, Toastmasters are particularly guilty of this. $1c0BnKF)Gk?j[SS=T+R2Us`p7`N[5g%u:3ef!MX3LC>tWAb5460 With the help of a few self-introduction examples, you can make sure the conference call process is less painful and clearer to everyone involved. mAtVMB>6s88&YC-AT_C]O,'O6n,J_m/mhg8eGnHRiWJ-s_Ike)ckPl>40%XSs8K^IR\6^dX/\`@Bl:cdmH^+B?7opLG"F0ltO>/T\@>BX-*tjS`[c1$A&Jo27H0:->3N+4*prpD7LU(UNoU-Aj8^Ep[ %PDF-1.2 %âãÏÓ kmp+]/c%N.jlf9oN74'OKa@o+Em4DpdqpH1*or?#&:/9IX4 (##5.9!fWk?s!+Q4k?Yrediir;')OLpPBlRo^aoE91Ob2B'*DX<8,0+ij_l'OWQ!, @E-c_:DrtiAW3KC-)&g]5_Z-9,lcReVjE7>Q!M[O9J2%d@/mPl,T$ What’s good? 5*7%Hm,tJ7lZ]2h;7#iH!-g\FmB*KBhKbQn\GT. “This is a book to cherish and share.”—Bill Marriott, CEO, Marriott International, Inc. “Not only does Griessman give us Lincoln quotes, but he also weaves each one into a little jewel of an essay on that particular subject.” Wayne C. Temple, renowned Lincoln scholar, Illinois State Archives. Apart from this, you will be given the chance to learn __________. Giving a speech that wows your audience is the best introduction, you might say. KhPO;s45n! I request that the introduction be read, not extemporized. The letter should mention the purpose of the conference and the theme of the meeting. ba"m:*Y-_MpDWo=pC?s.G7qU`>k]02>SDAW()HXJpk\fPqlp>d=atX$H*jXopVcr6 *QN6k0[%"/Vt4P5SNlR*X>GPDUH"(n_JN-Gk0q#>7SrV2D:;=fC An introduction is NOT a place to show off your own virtuosity. ]kY,r Cr3acWTBj8]NqE7?\!W&BSJlkYgKP85O"[7U\Y. Q(WqF@b)ai,o$J*_,UW]Vmf6)J;dB/7rge*pD/Ch-aPZX1#-8*2$Rq/n%hVV?Up+> A gripping bio can actually convert a random browser into a conference attendee. Dr. Griessman has written and co-authored a number of titles,in addition to his one-person play on Abraham Lincoln. We may also find ourselves making introductions in more for-mal contexts, such as presenting the members of a panel discussion or introducing a speaker at a guest lecture, seminar, or conference. Introductions The most important thing to remember about introductions is that they introduce the topic. ]1S By catching aperuser’s attention from the first phrase, you ensure the reader will be eager to discover more. q=KCQkOlsM$!-r=d-3-QS=EoUZHFCc6jg7tD`/gt;'J]IC"U! cr)D/$>q!@e.+p)X?n@T$aa_MX%oN[SM/! Date: ______ (Date on Which Letter is Written). 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Make sure what you say sounds natural. An introduction is NOT a place to show off your own virtuosity. P,6SG6LjUs6Ie],)LlI#T,cP)aQkB-1o*? ddu\I.#mBH'nKj^p-qe.4NI9e'9_T%i.Li] Dr. Griessman has taught at the College of William and Mary, North Carolina State University, Auburn University, and Georgia Tech. ]e@s]=^//.&3 What You Say If You Introduce A Professional Speaker (>5Z6N~> endstream endobj 26 0 obj << /Type /FontDescriptor /Ascent 735 /CapHeight 700 /Descent -250 /Flags 262176 /FontBBox [-179 -250 1405 950] /FontName /DNBMDF+StoneSans-Semibold /ItalicAngle 0 /StemV 133 /XHeight 510 /CharSet (/x/u/j/I/dotlessi/v/question/m/hyphen/n/period/A/b/o/grave/N/a/slash/c/p/quoteright/C/g/O/acute/icircumflex/e/q/P/D/circumflex/space/E/r/Q/d/h/s/egrave/i/t/S/eacute/l) /FontFile3 27 0 R >> endobj 27 0 obj << /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] /Length 3254 /Subtype /Type1C >> stream Be careful, though. The answers to these questions should provide you with a fairly solid base to work from, especially if you are going to follow the Introducing a Speaker Sample Script outlined below. In this sense, the ability to get the right message about a speaker out there has a huge impact on attendance. \AD,GD9tTa4Ha$Z\lS2?>0.YT7:ESS:[>c`$&!=L>uP6I'*IhR"#.=1oiI9_Kf0"< B+! )074?2m(hT'!cCAr#:\.cCoB25I1?is#1s.h=Ii>$J'__8u. Hr]@9AEB"-(pfR.A*,m6p_'](#5L6=k^uM4+pHQjQDC-5V!hr6*/L/E"]njQ:'o_]@ ^__$5)%E--]P-YR(aBHW?Ig3+o`jm^paI3C?DSb$fE"JFGk1r"c9,3L*WJ[t+$Ug9 ;$r Notify me of follow-up comments by email. cUh0GK%n_kbQ=[>Z5CNkUEcn]g9.HE/jbD4F"r- d#),8)p56q[A`"U9.jbO!T:9)^Z\R3Q>u8u9@)#96^dmC<4Y#M;`rJS-6adBM_6A) by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. 1P3#Q:"qigWc6gn9NgYl)iC6]/#hF"]fW&mA'mV ?QF$a1`+DFo5dPi["srh(s!_ It's up to you to set up the context, parameters and facts of your discussion. However, without a strong bio you might end up having no audience at all. !J-nmmh/Ck:LT3Rq#t^IZtj-#c]kL@iRSc6U=*3"]+=2$afn5bG]Nl)VSnYhaNI&0%T?RX;!jIb\l\`.ag6Z1(C,Rc1$[1"PdW0PUhq?5%&c+ It is used in order to cordially greet all participants in a gathering. 2 0 obj His topic today is LESSONS LEARNED FROM HIGH ACHIEVERS. These steps are: 1. jJJUUrokVXX/4hdPa>G[? jgF"'[49n`G3'Du6R\Ug/k4ZO4$bf;UG7Qs3c4u#EV/3nW*2-Jd(6ntRc:8u_@\uh :WkBhN:TR?Em_O>C1CJ$(BF,6'JjCf?S&tl=ZSjj@ Try out these five introduction styles for your next conference call, regardless of what industry you're in. Good morning everyone. Special achievements. #Fk8\!LQ`4E;H=;7o/PmeuN`mUUbpm1*agWP"rW[R.-ECW]nrV]UWKdekm0 The first time I ever tried out a sample of my Lincoln one-person play was at a Toastmaster’s meeting.