It’s sometimes hard to know where the info stops and nonsense starts. Li Z, Summanen PH, Downes J, et al. However, it was also noted that the green tea extract did not remove the acne altogether. Read on to learn about whether green tea can help acne, how to use it, and the benefits and risks. If you are open to commercial solution then I highly recommend Exposed Skin Care. Green tea also uses in cosmetics products because of its antioxidants properties. Interestingly, green tea, black tea, white tea, and oolong tea all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. It's how they are prepared that gives each of these teas their unique look and flavor profile. Whether a product is organic or natural has nothing to do with how gentle it is. As long as they don’t irritate your skin it doesn’t really matter what you use. This is done quickly to avoid the oxidation and browning of the leaves, that you see in the darker black tea and oolong. Korean brands like Nature Republic, The Face Shop, and Skinfood have many products that are made with green tea (like face masks, lotions, cleansers, toners, spot treatments, etc), and a lot of these brands avoid using chemicals! I also didn’t like how Earth Science doesn’t disclose the percentages of the AHA and BHA in their product — I even emailed them to ask and they responded by saying that their formulas are proprietary and would only tell me that the combined percentage of AHA and BHA is 8%, but refused to tell me what the individual percentages are. Here’s a before and after picture from one of the studies. As there is all natural stuff, things after a while gain mold and bacteria and you don’t want that. Thanks much for your prompt reply Seppo, I’m researching and writing a ‘skin care product/ingredient reference’ section to my site. EGCG is a chemical extracted from green tea. How to Treat Your Acne with Benzoyl Peroxide. Things to try include: If you prefer your facial mask to have a more paste-like quality, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the mix, but be mindful that baking soda can strip the skin of its natural oils and may be very irritating. In medicine desired (treatment) effects often come with adverse effects (side-effects). In the study the researchers tested 2 concentrations of EGCG, 1% and 5%. Green tea helps reduce these levels thereby reducing your acne. It concerns me that oral antibiotics are one of the go-to treatments for HS, because there doesn’t seem to be good reason to think they’d alleviate the condition. If they’ve just replaced water with green tea in the formulation, then I doubt it has enough to make a difference. That will be coming later. Food Research International. Im waiting for the beeswax and some more essencial oils to come. Topical green tea can reduce the effect of hormones on your skin whereas ingested green tea may reduce insulin level and inflammation – so it reduces the pressure on your skin, so to say. I have no doubt that the alkaline diet ‘works’, but that’s because it removes a lot of unhealthy foods from the diet. When used externally, green tea works as a pore tightening toner, which unclogs pores and gets rid of excessive oil in the skin. There are different grades of green tea extracts, some of which have more EGCG than others. Green tea are more beneficial than black or oolong teas because of the different oxidation process. I’ve also used and quite liked this one: . J Eur Acad Derm and Venereology. The study periods varied from 6 to 8 weeks (standard in studies like this). Besides, bacteria isn't the only cause of acne. People have said good things about Proactiv’s moisturizer, but my personal preference is Exposed because they add green tea in most of their products and because of the other ingredients in their formulation. . This can reduce sebum production, and one study showed over 70% reduction after 8 weeks. I’ve used the Madre Labs cream and found it nice. That’s great that your making your own cream! I don’t have any problems with cleansers, so I don’t really care which cleanser I use on my skin. (in pills), I am thinking about trying that since I don’t think I am drinking enough cups of green tea per day? This tea also beneficial for improving your skin tone and skin related ageing. Is Aczone the Right Acne Treatment for You? I’d love to be able to decipher ingredients myself, but am honestly a bit overwhelmed, and don’t know what to look for avoid. 2016;25:159-163. doi:10.1016/j.ctim.2016.03.004. There’s so much blog comment spam that otherwise the comment section gets overrun by spammers. It converts the food you eat into energy and may help with various health…. A randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical trial, Antimicrobial Activity of Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract on Propionibacterium Acnes, Propionibacterium Granulosum, Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Epidermidis, Hormonal therapy for women with acne vulgaris, Acne is an inflammatory disease and alterations of sebum composition initiate acne lesions, "An Update on Plant Derived Anti-Androgens. But, if you want a natural, nonchemical way to treat your breakouts, green tea may be just what you’re looking for.