And here’s some reviews showing swatches of all colors, and the admittedly dandy palette box: To be fair, it was exposed in very extreme conditions - no one puts watercolours outdoors - but it had changed after only two months while inside, so it is definitely one to watch. The yellow has also faded out of what was a green on the left. The top row of sheet 3 had Opera Rose as my control as I expected this to fade, just as I expected Aureolin to fade above and the crimsons to fade below. After years now of asking Prima what the pigment compositions of their Watercolor Confections watercolours are, they have provided them for me and I thought I would share them and my thoughts. Glass can act as a bit of a protection, especially UV glass. Jane Blundell.. Watermark theme. On the bottom row, Prussian blue PB27 has faded, as noted after the 2 month and 7 month scans. ( and this is only one company). It was just an example that there are fugitive blue, yellow etc pigments. None seem to granulate, at least not much. About Prima Marketing, I e-mailed them a while ago and asked them about lightfastness of their watercolour pencils, but they have not answered. But then we shouldn’t have problem with the colours but with any company that lies on such matters. Prima Marketing® is also home to a variety of other brands that encompass a wide variety of arts and decor styles. These colours may be OK in a journal where they are protected from light, but should not be used in work to be framed. On the bottom row, the watercolours by Liquitex, Art Spectrum, Daler Rowney and Lefranc et B all appear unchanged. :-), All of the top row samples seem unchanged including the Primateks Hemetite Burnt Scarlet, Garnet and Piemontite Genuine. It’s a shame to not use such beautiful colors like sleeping beauty turquoise. That's really disappointing. I was really worried as it said it wasn't as lightfast. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try to contact the company to see if there’s any documentation on the paints. On the bottom row, all samples seem unchanged. And something else just for informative reasons. On the right, the prussian hue has also faded. I think I had better do my own testing. The other samples appear unchanged. I was also very surprised about the Prussian Blue - I've only ever read that PB27 is a reliable pigment. Lightfast paint ratings conforming to standards set by ASTM International (originally ASTM, or American Society for Testing and Materials) are often printed on paint tubes. ― Henri Matisse. The vermilion is fine but the alizarin crimson has also faded. It is very similar to Quin Rose but perhaps more on the blue side. Alternatively, these ratings may also be available from the manufacturer’s material safety data sheets (MSDS) and on that company’s website. As before, Quinacridone Rose looks different on the screen but not in real life. Our famous Unicorn has fri, From all of us at Prima we wish each of you a HAPP, Dream Garden by @nadya.drozdova_ I was talking to Mark at Seniorart in Malvern in Melbourne as he is a stickler for quality materials and proper methods. Better store them in boxes and add some silicone bags too to remove humidity. Partly because I don’t need any paints, seriously, you know this if you’ve been reading these reviews.The other part was my inner art supply snob- I told her to shut it. All the samples on the top row seem unchanged. Some of the colours are quite opaque, but others are more transparent. At the end of the day, I care that these bring joy to my experience. Review: Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: Tropicals Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on April 10, 2016 - 11:11am I only got to know about Prima Marketing watercolour sets when I read about them on the Wetcanvas forums, and also while I was searching for empty watercolour boxes on Amazon. In any case the company markets these particular colours for colouring colour books, sketching and scrap booking and not for artworks that are to be sold. UPDATED TUE 10th APRIL 2018 - Prima have given me some more information - see the comments below in RED. On the bottom row you can see that once again the genuine gamboge yellow has faded badly, as has the indigo. Jane thanks. I remember hearing that when some stained glass windows were shipped out to Sydney for the Cathedral, they were installed and looked...white. I would suggest you do further tests of the brand you use as the pigment may have come from a different source and may be fine. Marialena, my point was that if no information of pigments is available any colour can be fugitive. Why not using them at all. They are advertised as being artist quality, although I suspect that is probably an exaggeration, but based on the few reviews and YouTube videos I saw online, the colors look fun and vibrant. Well worth it for the price. The bottom row of sheet 2 also looks fine. There are quite a few reviews and demos on youtube (here’s one). Hi Jane....what do you think about Daniel Smith Opera, SB turq and Prussian behind UV glass? MON-FRI: 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST Never store your sketchbooks on open shelves and never upright like books. You can use them to make sketches of preliminary plans.. there is no particular reason to waste your artist’s grade, and definitely more expensive colours on your sketches. They look just fine to me excepting of course the rose and the purples that are usually of questionable lightfastness and not to be trusted anyway. I can see no changes in any of the samples in the first row. You can mix a Prussian blue hue with Phthalo Blue GS and a little of a warm red. At a guess, the yellow is genuine Gamboge, which has faded. Not in the harsh Aussie sun perhaps? Join @aoladiy tomorrow !!! I am delighted that these wonderful Primatek green pigments have held up. I looked at the Prima Watercolor Confections sets so many times and told myself no. This doesn’t surprise me coming from a business/marketing standpoint, people like bright colors (they sell) and everybody likes inexpensive paint. The three sets are called Classics, Tropicals, and Decadent Pies. They are bright and cheerful certainly, a case of ” cheap and cheerful”. It’s impossible to comment on the lightfastness without any pigment information, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up about it.